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Each product has its characteristics and usage scenarios. Only when we fully understand it can we better deliver its effect, the same as a gun infrared thermometer. The advantage of gun infrared thermometer is that it is convenient, simple, and fast to collect body temperature, and it is quite accurate. The thermometer gun infrared thermometer is very suitable for patients with severe illness, the elderly, infants, and children. The disadvantage is that it is easily affected by the ambient temperature, and in this case the error is large .gun infrared thermometer

Precautions for using gun infrared thermometer:
1. Do not use the ear gun infrared thermometer if you have ear diseases such as otitis media or otitis media.
2. Do not use an ear gun infrared thermometer when the ear holes are wet after swimming or bathing.
3. When the person to be measured comes from a place with a large temperature difference from the temperature environment, it should stay in the measurement environment for at least 5 minutes, and then use a temperature laser infrared thermometer to measure after the temperature is consistent with the environment.
4. Fever patients with forehead sweats, cold compresses, and other cooling measures will lower the measurement results and should avoid measuring temperature in this situation.
5. Gun infrared thermometer cannot be measured in places with large airflows, such as fans and air conditioners.
6. Gun infrared thermometer can not be used in direct sunlight.
7. It is recommended to measure about 3 times during the measurement. The interval between each measurement is 3-5 seconds, whichever is the most displayed data.

Daily care for baby thermometer infrared thermometer:
Dirty outside: wipe the dirty place with a clean soft cloth dipped in water, or wipe infrared thermometer with a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol. Wiping with medical alcohol can also have the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Pay attention to not too much water or alcohol, so as not to flow into the inside and cause damage to the product.
Internal dirt: The internal infrared detector of a gun infrared thermometer is an important device. Do not touch or press with your fingers or other objects, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the measured value. When it is found that the infrared detector is dirty, please wipe it with a cotton swab moistened with 95% absolute alcohol.

baby gun infrared thermometer

Above are the precautions for using gun infrared thermometer, if you have any query about it, or if you are looking for epidemic prevention products, please contact us freely(Email: [email protected]), because iStartek are supplying various of qualified epidemic prevention products with related certificates, we are ready to support you, let’s go through the difficulties together.

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