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KN95 is our national standard for protective masks, which means that the filtration rate of non-oily particulates with a diameter of 0.3 μm is greater than 95%. The KF94 face mask is a standard established by Korean production. According to the data of the official website of the Korea Food and Drug Administration (MFDS), the filtration rate of masks under this standard for particulate matter with a diameter of 0.4 μm is greater than 94%. In other words, the KF94 face mask standard mask can filter out and replace 94% of the particles with a diameter equal to 0.4 μm. Therefore, KF94 face mask is similar to KN95 and N95, and they are all in the category of masks under one protection level, but the protection ability is different.

mask kf94 face

Can Korea KF94 face mask prevent viruses? Although this data is not very effective for direct virus filtering, after all, the diameter of coronary disease is only about 0.1 μm, but it can effectively block the common virus carrier: droplets. The diameter of the droplets is generally between 1 and 4 μm. The filtering effect of the KF94 mask can prevent the droplets from directly contacting the human respiratory tract to the maximum extent and prevent the virus from invading.

Korea kf94 face mask

However, because the KF94 face mask is not aimed at medical standards, there is no relevant standard for bacterial filtration rate in the production process. In addition, the external material is the same as the non-medical KN95 and N95 masks. The splash resistance is not as good as medical. Once the droplets are contaminated, there is still a risk if the mask is not replaced for a long time.

Therefore, mask KF94 face can bear the role of personal protection when going out, but its effect is slightly inferior to that of KN95 protective masks.

kf94 mask face

KF94 is the protection level of Korean protective masks, that is, the filtration rate of particles with a diameter of 0.4 μm is greater than 94%. As a piece of personal protective equipment for preventing new coronavirus infections, face mask KF94 is slightly inferior to KN95 or N95 level protective masks. But in today’s tight materials, if there is no better choice, KF94 can completely play an effective role in protecting individuals when they go out.

Even you use the KF94 face mask but reminded everyone again that the best protection is to stay at home. I hope everyone can stand up to loneliness and work together to fight against the new crown virus! Our company can undertake a large number of qualified epidemic prevention supplies, please feel free to contact with us. Email: [email protected]. Whatsapp:+8618680372944

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