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Whether it’s to make sure of your teen driver’s safety, to ensure that your spouse is not cheating, or to simply know where your vehicle is in case it is stolen, it’s essential that you buy tracking device and install it in an inconspicuous area. Once the person finds out that they’re being tracked, your device will be broken, and a family conflict may arise because they will think you don’t trust them. To avoid this scenario, you have to know where to buy a tracking device for a car and hide the GPS tracker in a car.

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Before you buy a GPS tracking device to use for covert tracking, consider the following:

 1. Buy tracking device that is small (a standard iStartek vehicle tracking device measures 65*61*26mm ), Buy tracking device that with a color that will easily blend with the car. The purpose of this is so it can’t be easily noticed by the driver or passenger.

 2. Buy a tracking device that that is motion-sensitive. This feature is an energy saver because the vehicle GPS tracker is only active if the vehicle is moving.

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 3. Buy a tracking device with the longest battery life. The average battery life of most tracking devices lasts 15 hours before it needs recharging. Some GPS tracking devices are able to last for up to 96 hours, depending on how you use it.

 4. Buytracking device with a magnetic cover is a great choice because it fastens firmly to the vehicle’s metal part. You won’t worry about it falling off.

It is important that you buy a tracking device with long battery life because the transmission of location information can only continue while the device is turned on. But sometimes, it’s the way you use the device that affects the longevity of the tracking device.

These are some of the factors that can drain a GPS tracking device:

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 1. The bigger the device is, the longer the battery life.

 2. Constant location updates. If you keep requesting the location every 5 or 10 minutes, that would burn your device’s power faster than normal. Set up your device so that it has a 20- or 30-minute interval of data transmission to avoid losing power.

 3. The motion sensor turned off. Make sure that this feature is activated to avoid using battery power when not necessary.

Where can I buy GPS tracking devices?

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