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There are many free online tracker products on the market, but the main functions are similar. The main differences are the product quality, after-sales service, technical support, and service platform.

1. Real-time positioning: Implement monitoring through the free tracking app, you can know the running status of your vehicle at any time, and you can directly view it after logging in with a computer, including the specific location, driving speed, etc., and can display the local weather conditions. The positioning function can also play a role in preventing theft. Track phone number free online GPS tracker is generally installed in the hidden position of the vehicle, and thieves are generally not easy to find. This feature is now used by many motorcycles and electric vehicles, because they are much more likely to be stolen.

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2. Tracker free Track playback: Free online tracker is generally able to record 90-day driving records. Users can find out the track of the vehicle during this period by playing back the tracks, where they parked, and how long they have stopped.

3. overspeed alarm: statistics of the vehicle’s bad overspeed records, for those dangerous transportation vehicles that need to install a free online tracker, this function has the greatest impact on them. As long as the speed is exceeded, the police will be alerted, and the traffic police on the monitoring side will know A ticket is waiting. Of course, for vehicles such as dangerous goods transportation, we still recommend driving at the prescribed safe speed.

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4. Electronic fence: You can set an area or plan a driving route on the map, and set the vehicle in and out of the area or deviate from the route for alarm. The fleet manager can detect and notify the driver in time.

5. Mileage statistics: within a set period of time, users can count the mileage of the vehicle, you can calculate the average fuel consumption based on the amount of fuel added. It should be reminded that there may be errors in the data because the free online tracker will be dropped, not positioned, drifted, and track compensation.

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6. Fuel consumption statistics: Through the optional fuel consumption sensor, real-time detection of the remaining fuel quantity and fuel consumption, and the generation of mileage and fuel consumption correspondence tables to prevent drivers from stealing fuel and falsely reporting accounts.

7. Other functions: There are many functions developed based on free online tracker, and the products are also diverse, such as video surveillance. This application is more applied to passenger cars, buses, school buses, and tourist buses.

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