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How iStartek gps car trackers work with load sensor?

Hello everyone, this is Allen working on iStartek, which is a professional factory for IoT devices since 2015, our main product include 2G/3G/4G gps car trackers, mini pet gps trackers, personal trackers, watch trackers, OBD Trackers and asset trackers etc.

This article we are going to show you how iStartek gps car trackers VT200-L work with load sensor. VT200-L is a 4G car trackers with built in antennas, it support many functions, such as:

Connect with RFID Reader or Ibutton Reader for driver identification

Connect with Temp sensor for temp monitoring

Connect with fuel sensor for fuel monitoring

Connect with speaker and microphone for two way communication

Connect with camera for taking photos

Connect with OBD Reader to read vehicle’s data

Connect with load sensor to check vehicle loading status

gps car trackers

2G/3G/4G car gps trackers VT200-L can connect with load sensor via analogy input.

2G/3G/4G car gps trackers VT200-L with load sensor application as below:

  1. Overload management at the source: 2G/3G/4G gps car trackersVT200-L with load sensor can detect the vehicle load in real time, give an alarm for overload, realize the supervision of vehicle load, and ensure the safety of the public.
  2. Muck truck management: Statistics on the number of transportation trips can be carried out to reduce management costs and improve management level.
  3. Garbage truck management: Eliminate traffic accidents, environmental sanitation, and damage to reason caused by overloading, random unloading and throwing of garbage, and solve the difficulties in urban appearance, sanitation, and traffic management.
  4. Cargo balance warning: Through the weighing sensors installed left and right on the same axle, it can be obtained whether the cargo on the vehicle is evenly loaded and whether it is balanced left and right, which can effectively reduce rollover accidents.
  5. Car quality maintenance: 2G/3G/4G gps trackers VT200-L with load sensor can eliminate car quality disputes caused by car damage caused by overloading, and safeguard the legitimate interests of car manufacturers.
  6. Safeguarding the interests of the owners: 2G/3G/4G gps trackers VT200-L with load sensor can prevent the loss of goods and the phenomenon of smuggling during the transportation of goods, and to protect the interests of the owners.

Above is brief introduction for 2G/3G/4G gps trackers VT200-L with load sensor, if you have any query welcome to contact with iStartek team. Also iStartek team have rich experience in OEM & ODM projects, what are the cases iStartek did already?
Customize iStartek gps car trackers to meet per Thailand government project DLT demand, collect driver license information then send to server
Customize iStartek gps car trackers to meet per Philippines government project LTFRB demand, make tracker to send data to 2 different servers.
Desige and produce VT140 gps trackers as per India government project AIS140 demand.

car trackers
Customize iStartek gps car trackers as per Singapore client demand, make tracker send data via HTTPS.

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