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    VT005 4G OBD GPS Tracker

    OBD GPS Tracker

    Product Description:

    The VT005 is a plug-and-play 4G OBD tracker without wiring. Easy install to any vehicle with a standard OBD II connector. It can be used locate, track and monitor the vehicle via SMS, PC Computer or Mobile APP. It is commonly used to track and locate individual vehicles, the user also can real time tracking and check the historical route travelled.


    Full Network Compatibility 

    Support 4G compatible 3G, 2G network.



    Allow the location to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly.


    Remove Alarm

    Alarm when the device is removed


    Collision Alarm 

    The vehicle have a crash


    Driving Behaviar Mornitoring 

    Harsh acceleration alarm, deceleration alarm, speeding alarm, drunk driving alarm.


    Vehicle Low Power Protection 

    Detects that the vehicle voltage is too low, it will automatically enter the network, low power mode, default 11v.


    Multiple Alarms 

    Receive notices for over-speed alarm. Violation alarm, Fatigue driving alarm, Collision alarm, Remove alarm, Rapid acceleration and deceleration alarm.


    Strong Compatibility

    Compatibility for all international OBD II standard cars. 


    Fast Transmit

    The shortest time interval is 3 seconds to upload data.


    Blind Zone Data Supplement

    Storing GPS coordinates when there is no GPRS connection, or at a specified interval requested


    Ignition / Flameout Detection

    Alarm when the vehicle is ignited or stalled


    Scheduled Report

    Report position and status based on preset time intervals


    ACC Detection for Ignition Status 

    Be aware of the ignition status whenever you need.


    Tracked By: SMS, APP, Web

    Track device in real time by web-based tracking software, as well as IOS and android app.



    General Features

    Power Supply DC 9~36V(external battery)
    Dimension 58X45X20mm (without plug)
    Weight 58g
    Backup Battery 50mA polymer lithium battery
    Normal Power Consumption 110mA/h
    Work Time 15 mins
    Operation Temperature -25~+75℃
    Humidity 5% to90% Non-condensing
    Memory Could store  5000 location datum when there is no GSM signal
    Sensor Vibration sensor
    Support OBD Protocol ISO9141-2







    LTE/GSM Specifications

    Frequency VT005-LEU:Cat-4

    FDD: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A
    TDD: B38/B40/B41
    WCDMA: B1/B8
    GSM: B3/B8



    FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28

    TDD: B40
    WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8
    GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8


    FDD: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71

    WCDMA: B2/B4/B5

    GSM Chipset EC25
    Data Transmission GPRS:    MAX.107Kbps(DL)/MAX.85.6Kbps(UL)



    WCDMA:  MAX.384Kbps(DL)/MAX.384Kbps(UL)


    EDGE:   MAX.296Kbps(DL)/MAX.236.8Kbps(UL)

    GSM Data Transmission Multi-slot class 12


    GNSS Specifications

    GPS Chipset AT6558
    Sensitivity Acquisition -148dBm

    Tracking -165dBm

    Reacquisition -160dBm

    Position Accuracy Autonomous: < 10m CEP
    Velocity Accuracy Without Aid: <0.1m/s
    Channel 33 (Tracking)/ 99(Acquisition)
    TTFF (Open Sky) Cold Start: <32s

    Warm Start: <5s

    Hot Start: <1s

    Reacquisition Time <1s





    Working Mode Power consumption mode, power saving mode
    Cellular Antenna Internal antenna
    GNSS Antenna Internal antenna
    LED Indicators CEL, GNSS,
    MicroUSB Port 1 MicroUSB port for power charging



    Air Interface Protocol 

    Transmit Protocol TCP, SMS
    Scheduled Report Report position and status based on preset time intervals
    Low Power Alarm When the vehicle power supply is detected to be low, an alarm will be reported. The default is 11V.
    Ignition / flameout detection Alarm when the vehicle is ignited or stalled
    Engine Fault code detection Detect and report vehicle faults
    Driving Behavior Monitoring Statistical travel acceleration, rapid deceleration
    Collision Alarm When the vehicle have a crash
    GEO-fence alarm Alarm for entering/exit zone when deviating from the fence
    Tamper Alarm Alarm when the device is removed