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The GPS tracking chip is a special technology chip for positioning. Is one of the key parts of the GPS system.

Deciding to the actual performance of the GPS terminal, the quality of the GPS tracking chips determines the performance difference of different GPS products to a large extent. It can be said that the GPS core chip is directly related to the technical indicators and future development of GPS products.

gps tracking chip for cars

The GPS tracking chip contains the RF chip, baseband chip, and microprocessor.

GPS positioning is currently the most common in the market. It has a good signal, high positioning accuracy and wide range of use. Almost all devices that need to be positioned will use GPS tracking chip for cars preferentially. The disadvantage is that the signal cannot pass through the metal and reinforced concrete mixture and cannot be used indoors, such as underground parking lots, under high bridges, and in dense buildings.

The GPS tracking chip used in our VT600 product is the Quectel L70R.

L70 uses surface-mount packaging technology, based on MediaTek’s positioning engine technology, with compact size, low power consumption, fast positioning, and superior performance, it is widely used in industrial applications.

gps tracking chips

EASYTM technology enables the L70 to automatically calculate and predict up to three days of orbital information and store this information in internal RAM memory for fast, low-power positioning even in indoor weak signals. The use of AlwaysLocateTM technology allows the L70 to automatically adjust the positioning time based on different environmental conditions and operating modes while ensuring positioning accuracy while greatly reducing module power consumption.

The GPS tracking chip for vehicles own logging feature, LOCUS technology, allows the L70 to record location information to internal memory at a default interval of 15 seconds (no external Flash required) and provide more than 16 hours of log capacity without increasing cost.

In addition, the L70 module supports FLP functionality with a static receive power consumption of only 5 mA, providing an optimized solution for wearable devices, fitness equipment, and tracking devices.

gps tracking chip for vehicles

With its ultra-small size, ultra-high precision and sensitivity, the L70 can meet almost all M2M customer application needs, especially for handheld devices, automotive, personal tracking, security, industrial PDA and other fields.

With the continuous expansion of the GPS market, the chip industry has developed rapidly. At present, more than ten manufacturers have launched a gps tracking chip. These chip companies do not have absolute good or bad, the most important thing is to understand and test the effect of the chip positioning in the actual product.

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