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Now people’s living standards have greatly improved, and the locator for car has also entered people ‘s lives. Many people use the gps tracking system for car in their lives, but do you know what GPS means? What is a GPS positioning system? The following is some information I compiled on the GPS positioning system for your reference:

Many locator for car will take GPS system.The main GPS system is an old-fashioned satellite system operated by the United States. It contains 27 satellites that can continuously send geographic altitude and time signals. 24 satellites are in normal use and 3 are standby. These satellites are evenly distributed in six orbits. . Generally, a GPS receiver on the ground can receive 5 to 12 satellite signals. In order to obtain positioning coordinates on the ground, GPS positioning requires at least 4 satellite signals. Three are used to determine the latitude and longitude of the GPS receiver. And altitude, the fourth provides synchronized correction time.

gps tracking system for car

What are the functions of small gps tracker for car? Fisrt, map query by your locator for car: You can search the destination location you want to go on the operation terminal, you can also record the location information of the places you often go, and keep it, and you can share the location information with others. Accurately query your attachments or information about gas stations, hotels, cash machines, etc. near a location.Second, route planning by your locator for car: real time gps tracker for car will automatically plan a route based on the starting point and destination you set. Planning the route can set whether to pass certain waypoints, whether to avoid high-speed and other functions. I believe you all know about car locator device. But I still want to write it down for someone new to GPS tracker.

real time gps tracker for car

Besieds, locator for car Anti-theft function is also a major feature-Global satellite positioning intelligent anti-theft alarm function: When the vehicle is parked, the door is opened, the correct user password is not entered for one minute, or the car is illegally moved (towed away by a trailer for 50 meters). Multiple alarm phone voice alarms.

What are you waiting for, don’t hurry to install locator for car for your car.

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