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After going out for a walk, the old man lost his way and never returned; the child didn’t know where to play after school and didn’t come home for a long time… The number of such cases of people getting lost has increased, which has triggered the hot sale of personal GPS trackers. A Person Location Tracker refers to a portable GPS positioning device, which is a terminal with a built-in GPS module and a mobile communication module, and is used to transmit the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a network on the Internet through a mobile communication module (GSM/GPRS network). on the server, so that the location of the GPS locator can be inquired on the computer and the mobile phone.

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, GPS, which was originally considered a luxury by people, has become a necessity that can be seen everywhere in our lives. Person Location Tracker is getting smaller and smaller in size, and their functions are gradually improving.

Main features of Person Location Tracker:

Real-time positioning: You can check the real-time location of your family members at any time.

Electronic fence: A virtual electronic area can be set up. When personnel enter or leave this area, the supervisor’s mobile phone will receive a fence alarm message to remind the supervisor to respond.

Historical Track Playback: Users can view the action track of their family members at any time in the last 6 months, including where they have been and how long they have stayed.

Remote pick-up: You can set a central number, when the number dials the terminal, the terminal will automatically answer to achieve the effect of monitoring.

Two-way talk: The number corresponding to the button can be set separately, when the button is pressed, the number can be dialed and the call can be answered.

personal gps tracker

Alarm function: Various alarm functions such as: fence alarm, emergency alarm, low power alarm, etc. to remind supervisors to respond in advance.

Automatic sleep: Built-in vibration sensor, when the device has no vibration for a certain period of time, it will automatically enter the sleep state, and wake up immediately when vibration is detected.

Through this article, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of personal GPS locators. If you want to know more about the knowledge and application of GPS locators, please pay attention to Henderson Kodak.

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