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The Scope and Principle Of The Personal GPS Tracking Device

The full name of the personal gps tracking device is a personal GPS positioning monitoring device. Literally, the locator developed by a certain technology can meet the needs of individual application manufacturers. We know that personal gps tracking system is a Omani-directional, all-weather, full-time, high-precision satellite navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense.

The personal gps tracking device sends the signal transmitted by the GPS satellite to the server through the network (ie, SIM card), and then presents it to the platform through a series of algorithms, so that people can view it through the APP or the PC.

personal gps tracking system

In addition to GPS positioning, the general personal gps will support base station positioning and WIFI positioning.

Base station positioning is also called “LBS positioning”. The full name is Location Based Service, which includes two meanings: first, determine the geographical location of the mobile device or user; secondly, provide various information services related to the location. Referred to as “location service”. Base station positioning (lbs) accuracy is not as good as GPS, but its signal can reach a deeper range than GPS. As long as there is a base station, it can be located indoors and is not affected by the weather.

personal gps tracking device

At present, Wi-Fi is a relatively mature and widely used technology, mainly through the wireless signal strength of mobile devices and three wireless network access points, to more accurately locate. Wi-Fi positioning can achieve complex large-scale positioning, but the accuracy can only be maintained in the meter-level positioning (1-10m), which cannot be accurately positioned.

Personal locator application market:

(1)Student market: mainly for primary and secondary school students, parents want to know what their children are doing every day, whether they are skipping classes, where to go after school, school violence and traffic danger etc.

(2)Children’s market: the event of avoiding child trafficking

(3)Young women market: More and more business women and young women are being harassed by unscrupulous heterosexual harassment and even personal attacks when they go out alone. Personal GPS positioning and rescue products have designed a very perfect solution for this group.

(4)Tourism Market: Travel agencies will provide security monitoring and protection for guides equipped with personal locators to prevent tourists from leaving the team or accidents during travel, or to issue SOS distress signals and accurate positioning in case of emergency, so that rescuers can quickly Arrive at the rescue site.

In addition, the small personal gps tracking device can also be used as a pet locator.

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