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What’s iStartek New Arrival Real Time Vehicle Tracking Device in 2020?

Previously many clients asked do you have vehicle gps tracking devices support Camera? Do you have 3G or 4G motorcycle tracker. Do you have waterproof real time vehicle tracking device? Do you have gps vehicle tracking device support Bluetooth etc? Our answer is No, but now we can answer with confidence YES. Thats what iStartek company did from 2009 to 2020, we are focusing on oversea marker closely, trying to improve our real time vehicle tracking device product line as per client demand. When there is a new demand, we will collect market information, then act fastly. That’s why we can launch our new arrival real time vehicle tracking device VT208 in 2020 begin.

real time vehicle tracking device

iStartek vehicle tracking device VT208 is a kind of 4G Vehicle tracker with built in antennas, it support various functions, let us show you one by one, following are the functions:

1. Various Location type via GPS+Beidou+AGPS+LBS location, show you accurate Location.

2. IP65 waterproof, when you install real time vehicle tracking device inside motorcycle, you no need to 1. worry about it when rain.

3. Wide range power supply from 9-80V

4. Auto log when there is no GSM Network, this give you a complete tracking trace.

5. Support FOTA (update firmware remotely)

6. Support BLE4.0

7. SOS alarm when in emergency.

What is included for standard packing real time vehicle tracking device VT208, and is there any optional accessory I can choose? Real time vehicle tracking device VT208 standard packing include, VT208 Main unit with built in battery, Power Cable. vehicle tracking device VT208 has many optional accessories, such as: camera, fuel sensor, iButton, temperature sensor, RFID, Relay etc.

And how we track real time vehicle tracking device VT208?

We can track real time vehicle tracking device VT208 by sms command, or by Web based gps vehicle tracking system and mobile app, Android and IOS APP are supported. On web based tracking platform, we can check various information, such as real time tracking, to check where is your vehicle now. Set geo fence area, when your vehicle exist in/out the preset area, you will get an alarm. Check history report, to record the route which the vehicle has passed few days ago.

gps vehicle tracking system

Are you ready to buy an insurance for your vehicle? Contact us now to by real time vehicle tracking device VT208!

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