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Many people know that we have a 2G 3G car vehicle tracker. What I want to introduce to you is our new 4G car vehicle tracker. Where there is a demand where there is iStartek. According to some customers’ feedback, their local 3G network is slowly shutting down, and 4G will be a trend. Therefore, we have developed a car vehicle tracker. The main market for car vehicle tracker is countries where 4G network coverage is relatively comprehensive and 3G networks are about to close, such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and North American countries, etc. Will iStartek’s car vehicle tracker have any new features? Of course, we will give you detailed information about it below.

car vehicle tracker

  1. iStartek car vehicle tracker support 4G/3G/2G network, that means we can put 2g sim card, 3g sim card or 4g sim card on it, to make it work.
  2. iStartek car vehicle tracker support GPS/BDS/GLONASS/QZSS multiple positioning systems for high-precision real-time positioning.
  3. iStartek car vehicle tracker support IP66 Water-resistant ensures stable operation in a tough environment.
  4. iStartek car vehicle tracker support 9-100V wide operating voltage applied to all types of vehicles.
    iStartek car vehicle tracker support 128 Mb Flash, so it can store buffer when the signal is lost to keep a complete tracking route.

6.iStartek car vehicle tracker support two-way Audio, with MIC and loudspeaker for two-way communication.
7. iStartek car vehicle tracker support Camera
It can take photos and upload them to the server, support automatic photo upload triggered by events.
8. iStartek 4g car vehicle tracker support Dual Server IP
Support uploading location data to two servers at the same time
9. iStartek car vehicle tracker support  RS232
RS232 port can be equipped with Camera, RFID, magnetic card reader or OBD II reader
10.  iStartek car vehicle tracker support 1-Wire

1-Wire can be equipped with up to 8 temperature sensors or ibuttons

  1. iStartek car vehicle tracker support fuel steal alarm

Support ultrasonic fuel sensor or capacitive fuel sensor with fuel steal alarm
12.  iStartek car vehicle tracker support driving Behavior

Driving behavior monitoring by harsh acceleration alarm, breaking alarm, harsh turning alarm, speeding alarm, drunk driving alarm, fatigue alarm etc.
13.  iStartek car vehicle tracker support Multiple I/O

3IN + 2OUT+1AD+1RS232+1-Wire+1Speaker+1Microphone, 4IN/2AD configurable

  1. iStartek car vehicle tracker support FOTA

Quickly and easily upgrading firmware remotely

Above is just part function of iStartek GPS tracker vehicle tracker, if you have other function demand you can let us know, we can customize it for you.

iStartek has rich experience in government projects, such as we customized iStartek VT600 covert vehicle tracker to meet as per Philippines government demand, send data to 2 different servers with the different data format. Customized VT900 G mobile 4g car vehicle tracker to meet per Thailand government project demand, to read the driver’s license information then send it to government’s server, etc.

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