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Is smartphone 4g gps watch good for kids?

In recent years, relevant negative news reports on children’s smart 4g GPS watch have attracted attention. Parents who did not know the truth about the radiation part mentioned in the news were panicked for those kids 4g GPS tracker watch.

So, is there any hidden danger to children’s health and safety caused by the radiation of kids’ GPS smart watch 4g? Is there any scientific basis for this statement?

kids 4g gps watch

As early as 2013, there were special reports on the radiation problems of mobile phones and other products. “Not just mobile phones, any household appliances will generate electromagnetic radiation as long as they are energized, ranging from air conditioners, televisions, computers, microwave ovens, humidifiers, to hairdryers, chargers, and even wiring boards. Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. , But the public does not need to panic, not all electromagnetic radiation will cause harm to the human body.” Wu Xiong, a senior engineer at the China Electric Power Research Institute, said, “For example, sunlight is also a kind of electromagnetic radiation.”

kids gps smart watch 4g

According to the standards established by the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, the highest limit of the specific absorption rate of mobile phone radiation is 2 watts/kg, which is similar to the international standards.

The radiation of 4g personal GPS tracking mainly comes from antennas, including external antennas and built-in antennas. The radiation of 4g GPS locator watch produced by regular manufacturers generally meets national standards. Generally speaking, the radiation of istartek GPS 4G watch is much less than the national standard of 2 watts/kg. In other words, as long as the radiation value is less than or equal to the national standard value, it conforms to the national standard and is safe. And everyone knows that the mobile phone is used directly against the ear, closer to the brain, while the 4g GPS watch is still 10-15 cm away from the head when talking. It can be seen that the radiation of the GPS tracker watch is smaller than that of mobile phones and is safe.

4g personal gps tracking

With such kids 4g tracker watch, you can do real-time positioning, historical trace playback, electronic geo-fence, call the function (phone book, one-key SOS call, dial pad, two-way call), micro-chat intercom, video chat, camera for took pic, healthy step counting, alarm clock reminder, class mode, touch Make friends, class schedule,

4g gps watch

There’s no doubt that kids 4g GPS watch can lay a very important role in the lives of parents and children alike. In today’s world, you can’t be too careful. Kids GPS watch tracker is the perfect way to not only be in constant contact with your child but to give yourself peace of mind.

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