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The core advantages of 4g mini GPS tracker: high data rate, broadband transmission, wireless instant messaging, and high compatibility

4g mini GPS tracker can be said to be an upgraded version of 3G mobile communication, and its core change is the change in information transmission rate. And from 1G, 2G to 4g mini GPS tracker, more people’s demand for information transmission speed and information transmission volume continues to expand. So the advantages of 4g mini GPS tracker communication are summarized as follows:

4g mini gps tracker

①High data rate. At present, the speed of 4g mini GPS tracker wireless transmission can already reach 20Mbps, and the highest can achieve 100Mbps.

②Broadband transmission. The communication speed has very high requirements for bandwidth. The third-generation partnership program (Communication Standardization Organization) decided to make a substantial transformation on the basis of the 3G communication network. Each 4g mini GPS tracker channel will occupy 100MHz of the spectrum, which is equivalent to the 3G communication network. 20 times.

③Wireless instant messaging. 4g mini GPS tracker greatly promotes the timely interaction of mobile networks, and the types of information transmission are more abundant, including pictures, audio, and video.

④Good compatibility. 4g mini GPS tracker can be interconnected with almost any network, and most types of terminal equipment can be connected to the 4g mini GPS tracker communication network.

gps traker mini gps tracker

nb-IoT mini GPS tracker core advantages: narrowband transmission, wide-coverage, massive access, low power consumption

nb-IoT mini GPS tracker is the abbreviation of (Narrow Band Internet of Things), which means narrow-band Internet of Things. the nb-IoT mini GPS tracker has become one of the most important wireless access methods for the Internet of Things. It can be said that nb-IoT mini GPS tracker technology is tailor-made for the Internet of Things industry.

Its advantages include:

super mini gps tracker

① nb-IoT mini GPS tracker only needs a very narrow spectrum to work in production, consumes only about 180 Hz frequency band, is fully compatible with the global mobile communication system, universal mobile communication system, and 4g mini GPS tracker network, that is, it can be built on existing On the communication platform, there is no need to upgrade the hardware.

② Wide coverage. In the same frequency band, the nb-IoT super mini GPS tracker has a gain of 20dB compared to the existing network, and the coverage area is expanded by 100 times.

③With the ability to support massive connections. One sector of an nb-IoT mini GPS tracker can support 100,000 connections, support low latency sensitivity, ultra-low device cost, low device power consumption, and optimized network architecture.

④Lower power consumption, the standby time of the nb-IoT mini GPS tracker terminal module can be as long as 10 years.

In simple terms, nb-iot mini GPS tracker has a low tariff, wide-coverage, and many devices that can be accessed, but the bandwidth is low, the information transmission speed is slow, and the terminal access type is limited; while the 4g mini GPS tracker information transmission speed is fast, the bandwidth is high, and the accessible The terminal equipment is abundant, but the relative tariff is high, and the coverage is not as wide as nb-iot mini GPS tracker. Summarize the respective advantages of an nb-IoT mini GPS tracker and 4g mini GPS tracker, and choose the suitable one for personal GPS tracker mini GPS tracker.


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