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transportation vehicle realizes remote real-time supervision with vehicle 4g gps tracker

Hazardous chemicals transportation vehicle realizes remote real-time supervision with vehicle 4g GPS tracker During the transportation of dangerous chemicals, there are significant potential dangers, such as robbery, fire, explosion, leakage, poisoning, pollution, etc., and its catastrophic consequences are widespread and the impact is very serious. At the same time, the driver has violations such as speeding and overloading during the driving of the car. During the driving process, the vehicle does not follow the predetermined route or enters and exits the target area in violation of the rules. In all conditions, we need to use a vehicle 4g GPS tracker to monitor the whole process.

vehicle 4g gps tracker

What functions can vehicle 4g GPS tracker:

vehicle 4g GPS tracker can make Driving data full record: record the speed, location, driving direction, and alarm status of the transport vehicle. Overspeed management: When an alarm is triggered beyond the safety speed, any alarm records of the vehicle will automatically generate a file.

vehicle 4g GPS tracker has Parking management: When the vehicle stops unexpectedly for a long time, or it is driven within the prohibited driving time, the automotive GPS tracker will send out alarm, and the vehicle will also be triggered when the idle time is too long.

vehicle 4g GPS tracker can do Line management: no monthly fee GPS tracker will alarm when it exceeds the standard line.

a vehicle GPS tracker can do Driving range management: vehicle 4g GPS tracker will alarm when it exceeds the standard driving range.

Anti-disassembly protection: vehicle GPS tracker sends out power failure alarm after power off, car 4g GPS tracker can work continuously for around 8 hours after power failure.

How to solve the problem of safety monitoring and management during the transportation of hazardous chemicals, so as to improve the safety level of the entire hazardous chemicals transportation industry, is an urgent social problem to be solved at this stage. The rapid development of GPS makes it possible to realize systems with these functions, which can minimize the loss of hazardous chemicals to society, the environment, and funds during transportation. It has become an inevitable trend to install a vehicle GPS tracker on hazardous chemical transportation vehicles.

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