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What is the benefits of tracking car tracker GPS system installed on school bus?

The school bus is overspeeding, not following the prescribed route, detouring, not arriving and leaving on time, etc. In recent years, school bus accidents caused by overloading and speeding have occurred from time to time, which poses a serious threat to the lives of students. Parents is worried that the notification requirements of the car driving recorder with satellite positioning function can effectively prevent traffic accidents and eliminate hidden safety hazards. It is imperative to establish a campus tracking car tracker vehicle safety management system. The implementation of the campus tracking car tracker vehicle safety management system is even more significant. The tracking car tracker system contains The driving recorder (commonly known as the black box), after the school bus is installed with 4g lte gps car tracker, is connected to the GPS satellite positioning monitoring center for real-time monitoring.

gps tracking car tracker

After the GPS tracking car tracker GPS system is installed on the vehicle, the vehicle status can be returned in real-time. The driver can query the road surface at any time, the driving route within a certain period of time, zoom in and zoom out the satellite map, and automatically roam the function operation, etc. 27 situations such as speeding and not following the prescribed route are used for alarming, which makes the driver more convenient to drive. The school always checks the inside and outside of the car to fully grasp the safety of the students in the car. Parents obtain the students’ safety inside and outside the car through mobile phones, text messages, and emails via tracking the car GPS tracker tracking app.

4g lte gps car tracker

The situation allows students to be supervised in all aspects of safety, without leaving the house, at a glance, the application of 3G, 4G wireless video transmission, tracking car tracker users can monitor the vehicle on the large screen of the monitoring room or the office notebook, or even use the mobile phone in the coffee shop to view the vehicle The location and video have truly achieved a global management mode without leaving the house, which has greatly improved the school bus operation level, made management more scientific, implemented the concept of refined and standardized management, and collected digital information via tracking car tracker.

tracking car tracker

Realize the improvement of the quality management and school bus management methods of school bus transportation via tracking car tracker, track and control the whole process of vehicle dispatching, operation, driving route, driving mileage, fuel consumption, repair, maintenance, etc., and effectively supervise the vehicles’ compliance with traffic laws and safe driving conditions. Vehicle technical file data is recorded, summarized, and analyzed via tracking car tracker. Scientific and accurate assessments.

tracking car gps tracker

School buses and drivers are easy to integrate. Differences can be customized. The video module can be integrated into the school management system to facilitate unified management by the school. Differential function customization via tracking car tracker: before students get off the bus, the system Automatically send text messages to parents’ mobile phones, notify parents to pick up children, such as students automatically capture pictures when they get on the bus, automatically send photos and student information and short card information on the car to parents’ mobile phones, 4G real-time video monitoring of the school bus operation process, vehicle embedded The type monitoring system can realize real-time monitoring of multiple information via tracking car tracker.

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