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4G is the fourth generation of mobile network technology. 4G is used to replace 3G, 2G, which provides a more reliable connection and provides higher speed, such as used 4G for Online high-definition video, playing large-scale games; home video surveillance, multimedia phones; mobile medical care, means doctors can remotely monitor, personal daily care, registration, medical record update; car navigation via 4g tracker, remote monitoring and maintenance, means we can remotely watch the video surveillance around the car to see if it has been maliciously scratched, hit, stolen, etc. to achieve the purpose of remote monitoring and maintenance, and powerful functions such as GPS video navigation. The speed of 4G means that the buffer for users is reduced, usually not at all, which makes it an ideal choice for many applications.

taxi 4g tracker

For a car-bike GPS tracker, it uses the 4G network for location data transmitting especially for real-time video uploading via camera, and of course GPS for locating, for some tracker, they only support GPS satellite for locating but some more 4g tracker support GPS+ BEIDOU+GRNSS+ GLONASS, that is much better for location accuracy. Chinese Beidou GPS System for the tracker is to establish ground measurement and control stations around the world. In order to solve the problem of overseas satellite data transmission, the integrated design of inter-satellite and satellite-to-satellite transmission functions was adopted to realize the intercommunication between satellites and satellites, and satellites and ground stations. Even if the ground station cannot directly contact the Beidou satellite flying on the other side of the earth, data can be transmitted through the communication between the satellites, also the Beidou satellite navigation system and the GPS global satellite navigation system achieve radio frequency compatibility under the ITU framework, increase GPS tracker location accuracy and stability.

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And iStartek VT140 car, bus, bike, taxi tracker is coming to support GPS+ BEIDOU+GRNSS+ GLONASS, VT140 GPS 2g tracker is 2G based and 4G optional tracker install for bus, car, bike, motorcycle, etc tracking, with the customized protocol for Indian AIS140 project, with main features as following:

4g tracker

GPS tracker VT140 with 4IN + 2OUT+2AD+2RS232

GPS tracker VT140 support AIS140 and CDAC Protocol

GPS tracker VT140 support 9-100V Power Supply

2g/4g tracker VT140 support IP66 Waterproof

2g/4g tracker VT140 support Remote cut-off (petrol/power)

2g/4g tracker VT140 support Identification and Control by iButton

2g/4g tracker VT140 support Temperature/Fuel Monitoring

2g/4g tracker VT140 support Driver Behavior Monitoring

2g/4g tracker VT140 support AIS-140 Protocol as following details:

2g/4g tracker VT140 sends data to the secondary server (customer server) over TCP. This section provides detailed information on the various packet formats as described by the AIS-140 standard. There are a total of six types of packets as mentioned below:

  1. Login Packet
  2. Health Monitoring Packet
  3. Location/Alert Information Packet
  4. Emergency Packet

bike gps 4g tracker

For 4g tracker, it compatible with 3g, 2g, it’s a new trend on the world for GPS developing, also tracker support real-time video transmitting, provide true environment around your car for monitoring, contact us if you have any interested for our 2g/4g tracker VT140!

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