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The product electric bike GPS tracker has various performance forms, divided into installation type and installation-free type. It has strong concealment, high security, and works around the clock. The electric bike GPS trackers can promptly remind the owner of the vehicle when the theft group implements the theft of the vehicle. The stolen vehicles are tracked and monitored, the electric bike GPS tracker has stolen vehicles are recovered, and the criminals are arrested, which is deeply loved by the owners of electric vehicles and motorcycles. 

gps tracker electric device

The mini GPS tracker electric bike is an anti-theft artifact for electric vehicles, but some users find that after installing the GPS locator on the electric vehicle, the battery usage time becomes shorter. This is because ordinary GPS locators generally emit every ten of seconds or ten seconds. One signal, even if the car is parked, it constantly consumes battery power, which is caused by large power consumption. To solve this problem, the Zhiqin GPS locator has a built-in motion sensor, which can intelligently judge the driving status of the battery car and can enter when the vehicle is stationary. Standby sleep state, power consumption is almost negligible

mini gps tracker electric bike

The tracker electric bike general electric motor car is to install positioner by itself, the specific operation process is as follows:

  1. Choose to purchase a GPS positioning device for electric vehicles. Need to pay attention to when buying:(1) Must purchase special ones for electric vehicles. (2) There are two types of the electric bike GPS tracker. One is pure GPS positioning, which can only be located in the open air. One is GPS positioning + GPRS positioning (mobile phone signal base station positioning), which can be located where there is a mobile phone signal.
  2. The GPS tracker electric device purchase mobile phone flow cards. To be able to locate and track GPS locators, mobile data must be used to transmit data. Therefore, a mobile phone card needs to be purchased, and the card must be enabled for data traffic. Under normal circumstances, it is more cost-effective to purchase a mobile phone card when purchasing GPS. Such a mobile phone card has only 30M data traffic of 5 yuan per month, and there is no other cost.

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The electric bike GPS tracker anti-theft method of electric vehicles is mainly to install various anti-theft locks and configure sound and light alarms. Electric vehicle anti-theft technology to change the status quo, this is the electric vehicle GPS tracker. The electric vehicle GPS anti-theft alarm tracker prompts the owner of the vehicle in time when the thief steals the vehicle. After the vehicle is stolen, it can track its movement track in real-time, recover the vehicle, and assist the public security organ to catch the criminal. 

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