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How Do You Get Back Through Animal Tracking Device When the Cat and Dog Are Lost?

There are hundreds of thousands of pets lost each year, and less than 30% are found. At this time you need an animal tracking device! The anti-lost mode of the pet locator is mainly through GPS positioning Geo-fence and Real-time positioning.

animal tracking device

Until 2018, the number of pet dogs and pet cats in China has exceeded 90 million. The average annual expenditure on pets exceeds 6,000 yuan. Not to mention the number of pets in the world, the pet market is huge and growing rapidly.

In addition to taking care of pets, people are most worried about the health of their pets. The most feared is that pets are lost, the long-term companion pet has been integrated into a family member. However, cats and dogs are difficult to change. Cats like to sneak out of their homes. Dogs also like to run around. Once they are lost, they must be uncomfortable for a long time.

Cats and dogs ran out, they would be hidden in the horns. We could hardly find them by our eyes. At this time, if there is a pet animal tracking device, it is much more convenient.

Set the pet’s positioning electronic Geo-fence range. Once the pet leaves the range, it will notify the owner remotely. If it is in a small fixed space such as an apartment, the electronic Geo-fence usually needs a radius of one or two hundred meters, otherwise, it is easy to generate false positives.

If the pet is lost outside, you can check the location of the pet’s animal tracking device through the mobile phone to find it. Generally, the GPS positioning accuracy is generally 5-10 meters, it is enough to find your pet.

the animal tracking device locator

If you arrive at the location and can’t find your pet, you can use locator voice function, the animal tracking device locator on the pet will automatically emit a tone. Within the precise range of the locator, the pet owner can hear the sound and follow the sound to find his pet.

For your own love pet, choose a suitable GPS animal tracking device.

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