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Wired or wireless car GPS locator, which is better for you?

In the current car GPS positioning market, there are many kinds of GPS products, and the functions are also unique. The car GPS positioning device is mainly divided into two types: wired car GPS locator and wireless GPS locator. The following is a detailed comparison of the differences between the two and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

car GPS locator

(1) Wired car GPS device

The “wire” that the wired car GPS locator device has more than the wireless device is used to connect the vehicle’s power cable, ACC cable, etc. The working power is provided by the vehicle. The built-in micro-battery can make the device work for about several hours after being unplugged. In the case of equipment commissioning, overhaul, etc.

A. Because the working power of wired GPS can be provided by the vehicle, the biggest feature of wired GPS is that it can be positioned in real time for 24 hours. There is no need to worry about the sudden power out of the device. In the signal strength, the wired GPS device signal is stronger and the positioning accuracy is relatively better.

B. The wired car GPS locator equipment save space for a large capacity built-in battery has a smaller volume and is more concealed.

wired car GPS locator device

(2) Wireless car GPS device

The working power of the wireless device comes from the built-in battery, and the battery life is determined by the positioning frequency you set. By analogy, the higher the positioning frequency, the shorter the battery life.

A. Wireless car GPS locator can be installed without wiring, so the wireless GPS tracker can be installed without being restricted by the vehicle line. It can be placed in any position of the vehicle with strong magnetic and magic stickers (note the signal strength), and the hiding is excellent.

B. The wireless locator is simple to install and is suitable for users who are not familiar with the circuit and do not want to spend too much time to install.

Wireless car GPS locator

Through these comparisons, you maybe have a general understanding of the difference between GPS wired and wireless devices. We hope that every user can choose the right car GPS locator according to their own situation.


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