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Nowadays, more and more people know how to protect their vehicles, and more and more people will choose GPS. So how do we choose a suitable auto tracking device for our vehicle? I will introduce our MINI GPS VT206 to you.

auto tracking device

1. Check location

1.1 SMS “WHERE#”, to the SIM number of a device. The device will send a location message automatically. You can get the coordinates. If the device does not search for any information of location, it will send “No data” to the cell phone.

1.2 SMS “123”, to the SIM number of the device. The automobile tracking device will send a location Google Map link. If the device does not search for any information of location, it will send “No data” to the cell phone.

automobile tracking device

2. SOS alarm

In emergent case, press SOS for 3s to activate SOS alarm. Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset specific numbers and then dial the numbers in circles until the call is picked up. At the meantime, the device will upload SOS alarm data to the server.

3. Voice monitoring

When the special number cell phone dial auto tracking device, ringing for 10 seconds, it will enter voice monitoring status. At this time, the caller can be monitoring the sound in the vehicle. The incoming call from non-special number will not activate voice monitoring function.

4. Oil cut-off

4.1 Via platform

Send oil cut-off command on the platform. To make sure the security of the vehicle, the tracker can only indicate to cut off oil when GPS is invalid position status, and the speed is less than 20KM/H or in static. Platform account password is needed when sending oil cut off command.

4.2 Via SMS

SMS command to the GPS auto tracking device to set the function.

The format is: TC #

After the command is carried out, it will reply “Cut off the fuel supply: Success! Speed:0 Km/h”. If the command didn’t carry out, it will reply to the reason about fail to carry out.

gps auto tracking device

We recommend you can buy some auto tracking device samples to test so that you will know its quality and functions better.

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VT206 Motorcycle GPS Tracker

PT21 Smallest GPS Tracking Device

PT23 Kids Watch GPS Tracker

PT19 3G GPS Tracker Watch

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