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The anti theft GPS tracker is an anti-theft positioning system composed of the positioning function of the GPS module and the remote communication function of the mobile communication module, plus necessary sensor elements, such as vibration sensors, 3G acceleration sensors, and so on. The anti theft GPS tracker it can locate and monitor the target vehicle, and at the same time can provide some necessary alarms, such as vibration, external power disconnection, illegal start, displacement, etc. The alarm method is mainly through mobile communication in the form of making a call or sending a text message by anti theft GPS tracker, and can also be implemented through a monitoring platform.

anti theft tracker

At present, anti theft GPS tracker monitoring terminal products are divided into three categories: GPS locator, GPS anti-theft device, and industrial application GPS terminal.

At present, most products and systems have both anti-theft and positioning functions. Some colleagues have the function of remote communication, sending distress signals to preset relatives and friends, and even have fleet management and monitoring kinetic energy.

Operation method: [SMS operation] Remote operation can be achieved by sending SMS to the SIM card on the device. The advantage is that it is not limited by distance. The disadvantage is high cost and communication costs. [Remote control operation] Some brands are equipped with a remote control similar to the ordinary anti theft tracking device, which is easy to use; some brands of remote control also have a one-button remote help and help. A bit, simple, easy to use, no additional cost; disadvantages, you need to bring an additional remote control, can not be remotely operated. [Intelligent induction] Identify the owner of the car through wireless intelligent induction, without frequent arming and disarming operations. [Platform operation] It is simple and convenient to operate through the platform or mobile phone application. The disadvantage is that it cannot be operated in the sleep state, because the network is not smooth, it will delay or even fail.

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Mobile phone SMS search on anti tracking device: The user sends a car search instruction SMS to the SIM card in the GPS terminal, and the GPS terminal returns the location information to the user’s mobile phone. Advantages: simple operation, can send and receive text messages and can be used.

anti theft tracking device

Mainly in terms of positioning accuracy about the anti theft GPS tracker, positioning response time, alarm method and sensitivity, especially the ability to prevent false positives, is very important, because false positives not only waste SMS costs, but also cause a “wolf coming” effect.

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