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If you are looking for long battery portable or asset tracking device GPS?

Here are a hot sale 3 years working time asset tracking device features:

Its small size and magnetic mount allow it to be placed inconspicuously on a vehicle or asset. Long stand by GPS asset tracking device low power consumption to 2µA, three years of lifelong working when one data per day. Easily track employees, cars or assets with our cloud-based apps. Track the asset tracking device from any computer or smartphone. Get real-time alerts when the tracker leaves a geographic area (a geofence).

asset tracking device gps

It’s 3 years working time asset tracking device functions:

Asset tracking device Alarm Mode: Can set wake-up time 4 times each day, would Asset tracking device wake-up automatically in the set time and after sending the Data then go into sleeping mode.

Asset tracking device Timer Mode: Sent the data at one fixed time and sent the location data in the setting time

Asset tracking device Week Mode: Can set a time point and one day or several days in one week to send the data and then go into sleeping mode

Asset tracking device LBS tracking+ GPS tracking: When GPS cannot get the signal, the LBS tracking would start working automatically

Asset tracking device Serial port set-up: Can set IP and port, APN, Equipment number, correct time, alarm mode, timer mode, week mode

Asset tracking device Message set-up: Can set IP and port, APN, Equipment number, alarm mode R, timer mode. W, week mode

Asset tracking device Message inquiry: Return back to reference setting

Asset tracking device Message to correct time: Use the mobile edit (C: TIME) send to the terminal equipment after the terminal get the message and would apply time correct to the platform automatically

Asset tracking device Tamper alarm: When the equipment detected the light turn to bright, the equipment will send an alarm message to the platform.

Asset tracking device Anti-fake-LBS location: Then asset tracking device will refuse to connect to the fake-LBS locate when detected.

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