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iStartek Company News: SECUREX EXPO In South Africa-What is the benefit of gps tracker for your car?

14th, May 2019, we are here in Johannesburg for SECUREX exhibition now, it’s mainly for security products, like grid, electronic fence, CCTV camera, etc, most of them are similar products for the security industry, but as a small size GPS tracking device to locate your car, protect your car, your truck even motorcycle, it’s like a spy but it did protect your car, truck or motorcycle in dangerous South Africa if you take a GPS tracker for your car.

gps tracking device for your car

Johannesburg is a commercial city called “Golden city”, also “Crime City”, the huge gap between the rich and the poor, the new town of Sandton is surrounded by high-rise buildings, but a few kilometers away, you can see the slums houses where black people live, coupled with a large number of illegal immigrants in South Africa and the proliferation of firearms and weapons, these factors have laid the foundation for the poor security of the entire country.

tracking device for your car

When we arrived at OR Tambo International Airport yesterday, we took a taxi to the exhibition hall at first, there are no taxi meter, fixed high price after we reached at Gallagher Convention Centre, after then, we took Uber car only, maybe the gasoline price is high in South Africa, the Uber taxi fee is much higher than in Shenzhen, tracking the router while we are on Uber taxi, in case miss SOS chance. Install a GPS tracker for your car, your fleet, your motorcycle to tracking it by mobile.

device to locate your car

During our time in Johannesburg, we learned that don’t put your luggage on your leg even sit inside the car, it’s better to put it under seat; don’t leave any stuff at your car when you parking the car outside, one of our customer’s friend put his bullet, laptop inside in his car, after 30mins he back from dinner, window was broken, all stuff was gone, taking a GPS tracking device for your car is definitely needed.

If you want to know more about a city a country, go there and feel there is more reasonable than hear about GPS tracker for your car.

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