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After the automobile tracking devices are connected to the temperature sensor, you can check the temperature value online. The most commonly used vehicle model is a refrigerated truck, which can check the temperature inside the vehicle at any time to ensure the temperature of the goods in transit.

A temperature sensor is a sensor that senses temperature and converts it into an available output signal. The temperature sensor is the core part of the temperature measuring instrument and has a wide variety. According to the measurement method, it can be divided into two types: a contact type and non-contact type. According to the characteristics of sensor materials and electronic components, it can be divided into two types: thermal resistance and thermocouple.

For our functional gps tracking devices for automobiles VT600-2G and VT900-3G/4G, it both support temps sensor. If Customers need to customize automobile tracking devices to use temps sensor, We will change INPUT2 to the 1-wire data line of the temperature sensor and AD of GPS to the temperature sensor output.

gps tracking devices for automobiles

The temperature sensor 1-wire data line is connected to the IN2 line, 
The temperature sensor power line is connected to the AD, 
And the temperature sensor ground line is connected to the ground line of the VT600.

Then the temperature sensor value is the decimal ASCII code, which is accurate to one decimal place. If it is a negative temperature, it is preceded by a negative sign on the temps’ value by the automobile tracking system.

automobile tracking system

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Temperature is a physical quantity that characterizes the degree of heat and cold of an object. It is a very important and common measurement parameter in industrial and agricultural production. Temperature measurement and control play an important role in ensuring product quality, improving production efficiency, saving energy, production safety, and promoting the development of the national economy. Using automobile tracking devices in combination with a temperature sensor provides a more efficient solution for fleet management. 

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