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What are the Necessary Functions if You are Looking Tracking Devices For People?

With the development of technology, more and more high-tech products are emerging, such as car GPS tracker that can be used for vehicle tracking, personal GPS for personal tracking, and GPS tracker for pets, animals, etc. Since the elderly and children are the focus of attention for the family, so tracking devices for people are becoming very popular in the market. Before purchasing a tracking device for people, what are the necessary functions?

If you are looking a tracking devices for people, the most important function is real time tracking.

With real-time tracking function, we can know where are our kids or parents, no need to worry about they went to some unknown place, to worry about safety. We can check their location on the mobile app or web-based personal tracking system easily, below are some screenshot from the mobile app and personal tracking system:

tracking devices for people   personal tracking system

If you are looking tracking devices for people, one of the necessary function is two-way communication. So when in an emergency, our kids or parents can call and talk to us directly. Two-way communication function is very easy to use, we just need to long-press the button on tracking devices for people, it will call to the SOS numbers which have been set before.

personal gps tracker

If you are looking a tracking devices for people, one of the necessary function is waterproof.

With IP68 Waterproof function our kids can play freely, no need to worry about the tracking devices for people get wet in rain or water.

gps tracker for people

If you are looking tracking devices for people, one of the necessary function is geo-fence alarm function. With this function we can preset a safety area for a cheap personal GPS tracker, once our kids or parents enter in or get out the safety area, we will get alarmed on the mobile app and tracking platform, so we can know their moving activities in real-time.

If you are looking tracking devices for people, one of the necessary function is history playback function. With history playback function we can check where did our kids or parents go within a certain time period, then make a summary for where they will go in every day.

For GPS tracker for people besides above listed functions, there are also many other functions, such as voice monitoring, do not disturb mode, longtime standby etc. If you want to know more please feel free to contact us.


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