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Built in Antenna and External Antennas GPS Vehicle Tracking Device, Which One is Better?

We know that whether it is a mobile phone or a GPS vehicle tracking device, the signal antenna is a very important electronic component. With the development of technology, mobile phone signal antennas have been extremely rare and have been eliminated. Today’s antennas are hidden inside the machine. The GPS vehicle tracking device also has an antenna, but for the current technology, it is not difficult to hide it inside the GPS vehicle tracking unit. We call it the built-in antenna, then there will be a question: built-in antenna and external antennas GPS tracking device, which one is better?

gps vehicle tracking device

What are the differences between the built-in antenna and external antennas GPS tracking device?

1. The built-in GPS antenna GPS tracking device means that the antenna is inside the device, and the device and the antenna are integrated. The external antenna vehicle tracking device is an antenna that needs an external cable, and the device and the antenna are separated.

2. Built-in service vehicle tracking device, generally smaller than the size of the external antenna GPS tracking device, easy to use. The external GPS vehicle tracking device is larger in size, and the installation is slightly more complicated.

What is the advantages and disadvantages for a built-in antenna and external antennas GPS vehicle tracking device?

Built-in antenna GPS vehicle tracking device advantages: compact appearance, free installation, and easy to hidden. Disadvantages: it will affect the signal strength, the signal is worse than the external antenna GPS vehicle tracking device.

This type of positioning is generally used for private cars, rental cars, mortgage cars, etc., because the built-in antenna GPS vehicle tracking device is free of installation features, there is no need to worry about the antenna being cut, the device is destroyed, and the GPS vehicle tracking device can be easily hidden in the car. Although the positioning accuracy is not as high as the external antenna web vehicle tracking device, it is enough for the private car owner to use.

External antenna GPS vehicle tracking device advantages: strong signal, stable working performance. Disadvantages: Need to install, easy to be found.

Because of the external antenna, the signal and stability will be much better, and the positioning accuracy will be better. Therefore, it is widely used in public transportation vehicles and freight vehicles. It is of great significance to control the dispatching of traffic operations departments.

In summary, the external antenna vehicle tracking device and the built-in antenna GPS vehicle tracking device have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you can consider the type of the car, the required functions and the quality of the GPS vehicle tracking device, then choose accordingly.

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