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Real-Time Positioning Of Vehicles — Use GPS Mobile Tracker Platform APP To Save Your Time and Energy

Vehicle tracker is very convenient for fleet management in the company. It can show the fleet status, identify vehicle driver, check fuel or temps quantity, etc to save a company time and money. So GPS tracker is used in most cases. Fleet management generally needs to requires management of hundred or even thousands of vehicles. Using SMS command to check each vehicle is too complicated, that time, GPS mobile tracker platform is available.

mobile gps tracker for car

How can a mobile phone locate a vehicle location anytime and anywhere? If you want to connect a car to a mobile phone and realize real-time monitoring of the mobile phone, then the car must first have a device that can be positioned, and secondly, the corresponding mobile GPS tracker app software on the mobile phone, both of which are indispensable.

Real-time location monitoring: The administrator can view all the vehicles that install our mobile GPS tracker for a car in real-time through the web/APP side. Click on a car and check the driver’s phone number, license plate, and running track, etc.

mobile gps tracker app

Track Query/Playback: The administrator can click on a mobile phone GPS tracker through the web/APP side – view the track – select the viewing time. View the running track of the car during the selected time period, including speed, distance, route playback, dwell time, start time, end time, driving time, etc.

Driving status query: Administrators can intuitively view the driving status of all vehicles with GPS mobile tracker in the fleet through the web/APP side.

Statistical analysis: analysis of vehicle travel report, screening statistics by the driver, by vehicle, by date.

mobile phone gps tracker

The GPS platform with GPS mobile tracker interconnects all vehicles through GPS positioning system software, enabling users in different industries to achieve “real-time monitoring, location transmission, unified management”, etc.

Enable users to understand the vehicle status in the first time, facilitate scheduling and improve efficiency. Solve the many needs of users to customize vehicle location information, thus providing a convenient, fast and scientific software management mode, while preventing vehicles from being stolen, helping to retrieve important functions such as vehicles.

Both GPS mobile tracker and GPS mobile tracker APP are interrelated. The lack of any factor is not able to achieve positioning well. The hardware is responsible for obtaining the location and the software is responsible for displaying the location.

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