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For a new one who enters into the GPS tracking field, they always with many questions while they have a GPS tracker sample on their hand or before they buy a GPS device to track my car.

gps device to track my car

Here now we will support you to list the basic FAQ.

How do I track my car?

Simply login to iStartek gps tracking software website then you can be using the form to the right.

While track my car, what happens if my car battery dies?
For some professional GPS tracker providing supplier, they have solution as following:

First, a super cap conductor is installed on the board itself which stores power from the vehicle battery. This is the first defense against power loss, low power, and tampering situations and generates a notification of any unusual detection of power manipulation.

Second, the internal backup battery is a nickel hydride, automotive approved battery. This allows for tracking beyond the moment when the vehicle battery power is lost. Battery is completely programmable to your specifications via the website to allow for precise monitoring of the vehicle battery conditions and, depending on the programming, will last from 8 to 48hours. That is good solution for gps tracker for track my car.

track my car

While tracking my car, what if my vehicle is towed?

For some professional GPS tracker providing supplier, they have a solution as following:
This technology embedded onboard allows that supplier unit to perform two additional features.
First is our power save mode. When the unit detects no physical movement for a period of about 11minutes,thatsupplier goes to sleep and reduces the power draw to less than 6 milliamps. This reduced power draw prevents the drain of any vehicle battery. The unit will wake-up when it is tracked or when it detects physical movement,
Secondly, any unit that has been put into mode will be added to Tamper/Movement Alert feature.Consequently, the lender will be automatically notified of any unauthorized movement of any vehicle that has had its starter disabled, that is a good solution for a GPS tracker to track my car.

gps tracker for my car

Where can I get a tracking device for my car?

You can buy a GPS tracker in your local market, GPS Tracker Store, car accessories selling store, online shopping website etc, or you can directly import from China, China is the biggest manufacturing country around the world, so you can have good gps tracker factory-like iStartek.

From now, don’t hesitate to take a GPS tracker to track my car!

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