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While you want to install and buy a car tracker, the price must be the first point and then the quality, you need to check if it’s the target price over your budget or others, that’s why we offer our policy for saving car tracker prices for you.

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What is our policy for lower car tracker prices to saving our client cost?

We have VIP Client Price and Distributor Price for your options.

After being our VIP Client or Distributor, you can purchase all items from iStartek at VIP Client or Distributor for any of order quantity.

Except for lower car tracker prices, you can also get:

Market protection with limited competitors;

VIP Client or Distributor price for all of our products;

Prior technical support;

Prior delivery support;

Marketing promotion support (Local customer developing together with our sales and engineering team if there is good market potential);

Certificate of VIP Client or Distributorship;

3 years quality warranty;

Professional car tracker app, car tracking system for car tracker reviews ;

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Unique metal case designing and making is available.

Who will we offer our lower car tracker prices?

Rich experience with GPS tracker or 4G Wireless Router;

Have a professional technical and sales team;

Have a mature distribution channel and marketing ability;

Identify with iStartek and be willing to work together to explore the local market.

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Except for offering lower car tracker prices, the most import thing we can do its product quality.

High quality of materials used in the goods, perfect workmanship and high production and assembling engineering quality, delivered new goods meet the high standards for this kind of goods.

VT900-L 4G GPS Tracker

VT600 GPRS GPS Tracker

VT202 Mini GPS Tracking Device

VT206 Motorcycle GPS Tracker

PT21 Smallest GPS Tracking Device

PT23 Kids Watch GPS Tracker

PT19 3G GPS Tracker Watch

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