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For iStartek GPS tracker, it has 2 way for setting up, one is by SMS command to set our GPS tracker online, another is computer Parameter to set our GPS tracker online.

Before inserting a SIM card on the device , please make sure the SIM card has GPRS Service, Caller ID Display, send /receive SMS function. After inserting the SIM card, while the GSM indicator flashes every 1 second regularly, you could do as followings to set our GPS tracker online by SMS command.

Note: There is no Space for SMS Command to set vehicle tracker online 

All “******” below are device password, the default password is 000000

vehicle tracker online

 1. Enable GPRS Tracking

Description: Enable GPRS tracking function.

The SMS command to set GPS tracker online format is W******,013, X


X=0, to turn off GPRS tracking (default);

X=1, to enable GPRS tracking via TCP;

X=2, to enable GPRS tracking via UDP.


Normally we choose X=1, enable GPRS Tracking via TCP for VT600 series product.

Example : W000000,013,1

Device reply: Open TCP ok

 2. Set GPRS Time interval

The SMS format to set GPS tracker online is W******,014, XXXXX

Description: Set time interval for sending GPRS packets.


XXXXX should be in five digits and in a unit of 10 seconds.

XXXXX=00000, to turn off this function;

XXXXX=00001~65535, the time interval for sending GPRS packet and in a unit of 10 seconds.

Example: W000000,014,00060

Device reply: Set GPRS Time interval ok/00060

gps location online

 3. set APN

The SMS command to set GPS tracker online format is W******,011, APN, Username, Password

Description: Set APN details for the tracker


(1)APN username and password are optional. If no APN username and password is required, just input APN only;

(2)APN is the APN of the SIM Card which inserts on the device.


Device reply: Set APN ok/CMNET

 4. Set IP and Port

The SMS command to set GPS tracker online format is W******,012, IP, Port

Description: Set the IP and Port of tracker for GPRS communication.


(1)IP is your server’s IP or the domain name.

(2)Port: [1,65534]


Our platform IP is or (set data to the domain is recommended), Port is 8011, if you are using our platform for testing, the SMS command is :


Device reply: Set IP OK/,8011

 5. Platform login details:

After sending those SMS command to set car tracker online, please put device GPS antenna to an outside place to get a more stronger GPS signal.

Around 2 minutes, if device Green and Blue LED with fast flashing per seconds, you could log in our platform to check if GPS location online.
Web-based Tracking platform demo as following, we will create a GPS tracker online account according to your request.
Account: Demo
Password: 123456

Note: After login platform, if you found GPS tracker online, but the tracker does not show your current location, please kindly send W000000,605 SMS command to check VT600 series device Parameters.

gps tracker online

 6. Check VT600 parameters

The SMS command to check GPS tracker online format is W000000,605

SMS reply example:1,TCP,,8011,CMNET,net,net,1

It will let you know 1 GPRS enable, TCP transmit mode, IP and Port, APN, APN Name, APN Password also time interval as 1*10s.


Setting VT600 series product GPS tracker online by Computer video on Youtube:


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