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Nowadays, theft of vehicles has frequently occurred, and the car stealing the technology of car thieves has been increasing day by day so that the majority of car owners can’t prevent it. In the face of this situation, what should the car owners do to ensure the safety of their vehicles? Our solution is: install car locator device.

Case 1: On June 23, 2018, Angel of Mexico found that his car was lost after a week of parking. He was very anxious and called for police help.

Case 2: On February 6, 2019, David’s newly bought car in Ghana suddenly disappeared. Their family was very sad and felt helpless, but they didn’t know what to do.

The same thing in the above two cases is that the cars have been stolen. The difference is that David of Ghana has successfully found his new car and saved his own losses. We learned that David bought iStartek VT600 car locator device before buying a new car because he wants to buy insurance for his new car. After buying a new car, David installed the VT600 GPS locator device inside the car.

car locator device

How did David get back to the car?

After the car was lost, David was in a hurry. He suddenly thought about buying car locator device before, and iStartek sales said car locator device has an anti-theft function, but he does not know how to use it specifically, so he contacted the iStartek company. When looking for customer purchase records, we found that when he bought the GPS vehicle locator device from us, he also add 1pcs Relay. If we connect the car locator device with relay it can cut off the vehicle engine remotely. So we asked the customer to send an SMS message to the sim card of the vehicle locator device immediately, to let the car locator device cut off the engine immediately. Then let the customer find the current location of the vehicle through our mobile APP and SMS command, finally, the customer successfully found his car in that location.

David thanked our car locator device for helping him get back the car. We have been a good friend to David and have always been in contact. Sometimes he will introduce his friends to buy our car locator device, shared his unforgettable experience with his friends.

gps vehicle locator device

If you want to give your vehicle insurance, please contact us, we are ready to support you. Who we are? Shenzhen Startrack Technology Co., Ltd. We are GPS Tracker manufacturer in China since 2009, our product includes 2g/3g/4g car locator device, 2g/3g mini personal tracker, longtime standby tracker, motorcycle tracker, etc.

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