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An Australian organization did a study of the comets and they found 100 cat owners in New South Wales, then they put a cat GPS tracker on their cat.

In the beginning, the researchers asked the cat owners: “Will your cat go out at night?”

Most of the owners answered with the affirmation: “it will not go out, they will stay at home all the time.”

animal tracking device

Then, the researchers shared the overnight animal tracking device positioning data.

Most cat owners believe that their cats will not go out at night. But the animal GPS tracker data tells us that we know too little about pets, especially cats.

The researchers also specifically tracked several cats with a cat GPS tracker in an area. Found that they are really sticking to their own territory. It seems that it is very difficult to drive straight into the territory of the other cats, some will even walk around.

dog tracking device

Recently in China, there is also a netizen who uses a dog tracking device on his cat(Dog locator and cat locator can be used universally). At first, he felt that there was no change, and the cat stayed at home every day.

But just one day he was going to work. As soon as he turned on his mobile phone, he found that the cat had already traveled far away to play. At this time, when he was going home at night, he found that the cat was just like himself, and was on his way home. It turns out that cats, like people, pretend to be at home, and have actually gone out to play for a long time. It may be accustomed to the time period when the owner came back, and he just happened to be back in this time period.

animal gps tracker

Careful people have actually discovered that cats generally use the home as the core for small-scale exploration. Then focus on one or two directions and conduct radioactive deep exploration and even travel long distances.

With cat GPS tracker data, as for why it is so straight, and so far, there is no reasonable explanation.

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