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How to anti theft by using a cheap GPS tracking device? This question was asked by our clients very frequently because in some countries vehicles theft happen every day, maybe now you park your vehicle there, a few minutes later when you back, your vehicle disappear, you look around the surroundings, everything looks normal. Because the car is lost at any time, they don’t want to be worried all the time, so they decided to buy car insurance, to install a cheap GPS tracking device on vehicles.

cheap gps tracking device

If you want to anti-theft, buy basic insurance for your vehicle, our VT202 cheap GPS tracking device is recommended, VT202 cheap GPS tracker price is very cheap just a dozen dollars, maybe you will be curious about what functions will it have, using such cheap GPS tracking device can it achieve the anti-theft purpose? Yes, it can, let us explain to you.

VT202 cheap GPS tracking device has 2 types of arm model, one type is auto arm, in this model, we need to connect VT202 cheap GPS tracking device Orange wire with vehicle ACC wire, when vehicle acc off a few minutes later (default is 10mins, we can set it by SMS command ), if cheap GPS tracking device detects vehicle to shake, cheap car tracking device will send out alarm to SOS Phone number per 10s. On this condition, if our wire connection is correct, and set our own phone number as sos number, we can set auto alarm time as 2mins, after 2mins, if someone wants to move the vehicle, we will get alarmed from the cheap GPS tracker, we can go there and see what’s happening.

hidden gps tracking device

VT202 hidden GPS tracking device another type arm model is arm manually, we just need send one SMS command to cheap GPS tracking device sim card number, it will send out alarm per 10mins when the vehicle is shaking. Besides auto alarm and manually arm, VT202 cheap GPS tracker for car also can connect with relay for engine cut purpose, you can send out SMS command to cut off engine remotely, so the theft can not move your vehicle.

If you are thinking about how to anti theft by using a cheap GPS tracking device, contact iStartek Technology Co., Limited, we will be your strong backup in China, and we will offer you our best solution.

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