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Are you looking for GPS tracker for dogs? If yes, contact the iStartek company, we will offer you a perfect solution. Why it’s a perfect solution, because we have our own special features and advantages, let’s check it out together.

PT21 GPS tracker for dogs advantage 1: Tiny size and light weight easy for dogs to wear. Almost everyone loves dogs, the dog is our faithful friend, as we know its size not too big, so if you are looking for GPS tracker for dogs, the size of the dog tracking device cannot be so large, otherwise, it will bring a burden to the dog. Our GPS tracking device for dogs PT21, its size is 52X38X16mm only, the net weight is 36g.

gps tracker for dogs

PT21 GPS tracker for dogs advantage 2: IP67 waterproof makes your dogs play freely. IP67 waterproof design to prevent GPS tracker broken when dogs playing or raining. Also, we have an optional set Silicone Case and Tension collar for an animal tracking device, which is an ideal combination for PT21.

dog tracking device

PT21 GPS tracker for dogs advantage 3: 4 different types of location way, let you know your dog’s location in real time. PT21 support GPS+LBS+AGPS+WIFI 4 types location way, PT21 GPS tracker for dogs will choose the location type automatically, when it’s indoor and the wifi signal is good, it will choose to use wifi location. When a dog is playing outdoor, it will choose to use GPS location.

PT21 GPS tracker for dogs advantage 4: Various alarms let you know what’s going on with your dogs. When PT21 battery is low, it will send out low battery alarm. Also, we can set safety area geofence alarm when the dog in/out of safety area you will get geofence alarm.

animal tracking device

PT21 GPS tracker for dogs advantage 5: Longtime standby for around 7days, then you no need charge it every day. PT21 GPS tracker for dogs has built-in 1000Mah battery, which can work for around 7days if we set time interval as 60minutes. Following is PT21 working time based on different time interval:

iStartek gps tracker for dogs

Besides the above 5 advantages, PT21 GPS tracker for dogs also has other advantages, such as 3monthes history playback, Voice function, the owner can remotely summon the dog through the APP, etc. If you want to know more details please contact us freely.

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