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Due to the continuous advancement of GPS technology, child tracking device designed for children have saved many parents. Now, some trackers use simple radio waves and short-range monitoring technology to prevent our children from leaving us in the supermarket or when they are out.

child gps tracker

The child positioning tracker has been greatly welcomed by parents in recent years. The locator looks like a car locator. Most of them are painted with cartoon characters. As long as the SIM card is plugged in, parents can dial the number to hear the environment around the locator. After sending the SMS, they can also receive text messages and maps from their location.

Child GPS tracker It can only play a supporting role, parents must not relax the supervision of children because of the positioner. 

The GPS system can track the exact location of the child, and regardless of the distance, the specific location can be presented on the screen of the smartphone or tablet. Child tracking device provides geo-defense and distance reminders, as long as the child walks out of the scope of the implementation will be the first time to give parents a warning.

pet gps tracker

About our personal tracker, we also have a pet GPS tracker, One of the features is that the owner can set a safe area on it, which is equivalent to creating a virtual boundary within the scope of allowing dog activity. Once the dog runs out of the border, the owner will receive an SMS, email or alarm on the app. In addition to monitoring the dog’s trajectory and monitoring trends, Tagg GPS also has a temperature sensor that alerts the owner when the dog’s temperature is abnormal.

handheld gps

No matter where your dog is, Our GPS can find it. No matter where you are, you can always track the dog’s position and monitor their level of activity. When your dog gets lost, the pet tracker collar will be positioned by GPS satellites to accurately report the dog’s current location. Your phone and email will receive alerts directly to help you retrieve them.

The Handheld GPS, he refers to the global positioning system, which is supported by the mobile network, so that GPS smart mobile phone as a final client is such a system. The server that this system needs, the core of the whole system, the implementation of its own management and control of these functions, as well as the storage of information, these are very useful for users. This server. It can be said that he is a distributed system, all services are running on different servers to maintain their normal order.

The child tracking device can track the child’s situation in real-time and report the child’s position to the parent in time. But parents should not take it lightly, still, need to pay attention to the safety of children.

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