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It’s 2023 and all we need is a lasting Fleet Tracking Solutions for safety and peace of mind for our families and assets, come with me to visit iStartek Brand which is a dedicated and established company of 2G/3G/4G GPS Tracker since 2015.


Cost efficiency has been one of the main factors the clients consider before they could decide if is in their benefits to work with one or another supplier. However, oftentimes low price could be deceitful due to the different reasons such as: Quality, Quantity, Shipment and After-sales Service.

Fleet Tracking Solutions

For companies to control their price perception, marketing directors must present their brand the right way. Building a brand gives consumers words to think of when their company comes to mind. Ideally, if your company uses an everyday low-pricing model, your customers won’t think about how cheap your product is or view it as low quality. Instead, they’ll think about how your product is a great value.


What is GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

GPS fleet management includes hardware and software that helps to make sure your business’s vehicles are working well and that drivers are being safe and responsible. Because of these and other functions, GPS fleet tracking can boost your business by providing critical data and cost savings. 

If you manage fleet drivers, your goal is to keep drivers safe while reducing overhead and improving customer satisfaction. When you use a real-time GPS fleet management system, you’ll address these concerns and be able to:

  • Check your Vehicle locations and performance. GPS fleet SOLUTION systems show information like location, working hours, fuel usage, engine idling time and driver behaviors.
  • Cost Efficiency. with GPS tracking devices installed on your vehicles it will reduce cost of after sales service.
  • Fuel monitoring. GPS tracking systems provide better routes and improve driver behavior, with less idling and fewer stops, which can decrease fuel use.
  • Avoid downtime and maintenance costs.You can set up GPS tracking software to send alerts when routine maintenance is due. Text alerts or emails can let you know when it’s time for oil changes, tire rotations, and more, ensuring well-maintained vehicles and decreasing downtime.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.iStartek GPS tracking systems let you identify your drivers’ exact locations so the client may let customers know when their driver will arrive.
  • Monitor your iStartek GPS tracking systems will show you where your equipment is even when There is risk of theft and misuse involved in transporting goods, We make sure you know the driver’s behavior

Factors to consider before deciding on the price of the Fleet Tracking Solutions GPS Tracker World wide

  1. Server refresh rate –

Intervals your data updates in-app. Most brand which provides GPS tracker at low prices gives refresh rate of around 30 seconds. With iStartek brand the recommended refresh rate should be under 10 seconds.


  1. Hardware quality –

iStartk uses high best quality raw materials such as Quectel Chipset,

Actually there is a wide variety of hardware available in the market and their price differs a lot. Generally, cheap service provides you low-quality hardware to ensure their margins. If you want to know how to choose the right GPS tracking hardware click here.


  1. Warranty period –

iStartek offers 1-3 years of warranty but Generally speaking for other companies who provide cheapest trackers does not provide after-sales support and warranty for their product. They just do transitional business. They will not entertain you when the device stops working. Generally, the life of these trackers is near 3-4 months.


  1. Efficient customer support –

iStartek offers 24/7 standby support with professional team

Meanwhile for the companies who offer cheap products there will be no time for you if you need a one call assistance about some features and their working. Cheaper brands cannot afford to have a dedicated customer support team will a toll-free number.

  • Enhance asset management and people safety
  • Reducing maintenance cost and after sales service
  • Managing the location of assets and the health Efficiently

Above reasons are Why you need Fleet Tracking Solutions from iStartek.

VT100-L 4G LTE GPS Tracker

VT200-L 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker

VT140 AIS 140 Approved GPS Tracker

VT900-L 4G GPS Tracker

VT005 4G OBD GPS Tracker

PT32 4G GPS Tracker Pet

PT81 4G Mini Elderly Tracker

PT60-L 4G Wireless GPS Tracker

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