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When heard about free gps tracker,you may be surprised, really? Where can i get free gps tracker, and how many pcs free gps tracker is available? Yes, its true, you can get free gps tracker VT600 from us upon placing bulk order with iStartek, but why? iStartek gps tracker defective rate is lower than 1%, so when client place bulk with us, we will directly offer them gps tracker VT600, free gps tracker quantity= Your order quantity*1%.

Firstly lets learn about what functions are supported by free gps tracker VT600. GPS tracker VT600 is a kind of vehicle tracker with external antenna and built in 500mah battery, VT600 gps tracker can be used for buses, cars, taxis etc tracking, or say gps tracker VT600 can work with any vehicles which can offer 9-36V power supply. Free gps tracker VT600 support realtime tracking, engine cut, acc detection, voice monitoring, fuel monitoring, driver identification, FTOA etc. GPS tracker VT600 can connect with below accessories:

free gps tracker

Secondly how to track gps tracker? Free gps phone tracker can be tracked by mobiles via sms command reply or mobile app. For example, we can make a phone call to gps tracker VT600, after that we will receive a sms command which indicate vehicle current location via google link, we can click and open the google link, to check out where is our vehicle. Or we can login on mobile app, to check out where is the vehicle. Also we can track gps tracker by free gps cell phone tracking by number on web based tracking platform.

Free gps phone tracker

free gps cell phone tracking by number

About free gps tracker the final factor you will consider is about the cost to use tracking platform, normally we offer gps tracker online free for 15days, during this time you can test gps tracker with mobile app and web based tracking platform, to see if the function meet your demand, to learn how to use it etc. Our tracking platform and mobile app are very user friendly, so you no need to worry about, also we will provide you tracking platform user manual.

After reading if you still have doubt about our free gps tracker or tracking platform, please contact us freely via, we are always ready to support you.

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