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No matter which country, there is often news of population loss, and a large part of street cats and dogs are lost under improper care of their owners global smallest GPS tracking device. This is one of the continuing problems worldwide.In response to this big problem, our company has invented an intelligent global smallest GPS tracking device that supports positioning services in more than 100 countries around the world.

smallest gps tracking device

Its volume is very small smallest GPS tracking device, bicycle base, school bag hanging chain, clothes pocket … You can put it anywhere that will not interfere with you, and always keep it open. You don’t need to think about it, but whenever you need to locate it, it is there. Parents can let their children carry Magpie with them. As long as the preset distance is exceeded, they will automatically alarm in the app. When the child is in danger, just click the device and the phone will receive an alarm call.

smallest personal tracking device

Built-in accelerometer, even if the coordinates of the object have not changed, as long as the tracked object vibrates, it can be monitored.

The use of a small technology product can release everyone’s anxiety. It is durable, waterproof and has a strong battery life and is the smallest GPS tracker in the world.

The smallest personal tracking device has some functions:

 1. positioning monitoring function: in the global range, real-time continuous monitoring of targets, to achieve 24-hour positioning monitoring, positioning accuracy within 5 meter.

 2. Mobile alarm function: After setting the global smallest gps tracking device to the mobile alarm state, when the range of movement exceeds 200 meters (settable), the tracker will automatically alarm to the preset authorized number or monitoring center and return the target Position, speed, and more.

  3. Low power alarm function: When the tracker is low power, it will automatically alarm to the preset authorized number or monitoring center and upload the position data.

 4. Two-way call function: The tracker has a built-in microphone and speaker, which can realize hands-free calling with authorized numbers or monitoring centers.

 5. Automatic saving of latitude and longitude coordinates When the locator enters an area without a GPS signal, it will automatically send the latitude and longitude coordinates of the most recent signal to the authorized number.

smallest gps tracker in the world

This global smallest GPS tracking device product also supports various positioning platforms. Small size, integrated design (built-in antenna and battery), easy to hide, easy to carry, and simple product operation. The sex price is highly comparable and has a wide range of applications.

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