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GPS locators are widely used in vehicle management in various industries, but many people don’t know the wiring installation of gps geo tracking devices. Let’s introduce the installation method of simple GPS real time tracking devices.

 1. Find the line

Check whether the required gps auto tracking devices accessories and wiring tools are complete. In the standard GPS real time tracking devices, only 4 wires need to be connected, so first find out the following lines in the car.

GPS geo tracking devices red line → Car DC12 / 24v constant power

GPS geo tracking devices black wire → Car negative / ground wire

White line of GPS geo tracking devices → Car ACC / Key line (detection of engine switch status, must be connected)

Yellow line of geo tracking devices → Car oil line / oil line (can be connected or not)

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 2. Install Mobile SIM card

The GPS tracking devices is responsible for collecting the latitude and longitude data of the terminal. After collecting the latitude and longitude data, the SIM card is used. The GSM network transmits the positioning data to the gps server, and then you can tracking the car on your positioning monitoring system.

Note: Please make sure that the GPS tracking devices is inserted with SIM card when it is not powered, it is responsible for easy burning.

After the SIM is installed, please turn on the standby power switch (on the side), and confirm that the SIM is secure and will not loosen.

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 3. Wiring

After loading the card, go back to the first step. Install various colored wire sequences and make sure that the joints are not loose and do not get water. Please following the standard wiring method of the car circuit for wiring process, to avoid gps geo tracking devices short circuit.

The thread head should be protected with heat shrinkable tube to ensure that it is not easy to fall off and not enter the water. Then use water-proof electrical tape to bundle them and bundle them with the original car line.

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 4. The GPS geo tracking devices fixed

The GPS geo tracking devices is small in size and easy to covertly install. Usually fixed position is to remove the front panel of the main / co-driver. In its internal space; or seats underground; trunks. On the one hand, it can ensure that the GPS GPS geo tracking devices antenna can receive satellite signals normally, and it can also ensure that the vehicle is not easy to enter the water when the car is washed, which will cause the GPS geo tracking devices to burn out.


(1)The GPS tracking devices antenna signals are easily shielded by mud and metal materials. Therefore, when fixing, please ensure that there is no metal material to effect signal receiving, and ensure that the receiving surface can face the sky upward. Use Velcro or plastic straps to lay it flat so that it will not fall off during long periods of use.

(2)When the GPS geo tracking devices is fixed, there is no difference between positive and negative. You can fix the GPS geo tracking devices firmly with Velcro and cable tie to ensure that it will not fall in the environment of prolonged vehicle bumps, alternating hot and cold.

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 5. Activate

After all the above steps are completed, you can driving the car and checking the GPS geo tracking devices GPS location accuracy on mobile APP or laptop, the GPS geo tracking devices installation has been completed since then.

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