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With the continuous advancement of GPS positioning technology, gps location tracker device are becoming more and more popular now. what convenience does gps location tracker device provide for our life?

We can use the function of car gps location tracker to understand how it helps us.

1.Real-time location tracking

After installing the GPS locator, the user enters the GPS positioning monitoring platform to view information about the vehicle, including: the current location of the vehicle, historical driving records for the past six months, driving speed, driving direction, driving time, alarm information, and so on.

gps location device for cars

2.Unified management of vehicles

The GPS positioning monitoring platform not only records the driving records of each vehicle, but also for the gps location device for cars purchased and installed by management teams such as enterprises, these vehicles can be uniformly managed and viewed on the GPS monitoring platform. Including viewing the distribution status and current position of all vehicles, and also viewing the dynamics of a specific vehicle.

3.Vehicle scheduling

Through the GPS positioning monitoring platform, the manager can view the vehicle usage status of each vehicle. In case of failure of a certain vehicle, the manager can view the location of the faulty vehicle and dispatch other vehicles nearest to the faulty vehicle to help, which is effective. Improve solution efficiency.

4.Ensure driver safety

Speeding is one of the culprits in current road accidents. Management personnel can set a safe speed threshold on the platform, and when the vehicle exceeds the prescribed speed, an alarm message will be displayed on the platform immediately. The purpose of this approach is to improve the driving behavior of the driver and ensure personal safety.

car gps location tracker

The current GPS positioning technology is mainly applied to the monitoring of vehicles and personnel. It can let a vehicle thousands of miles away to grasp its position and driving direction. Moreover, through accurate positioning, timely grasp the whereabouts of family members. Although most people don’t use GPS locator or know GPS locator, auto gps location for cars will change our life in the future.

gps location tracker device

In order to improve our user experience, we develop a new 4G external device VT208-4G which have high performance. With a good GPS location tracker device, it would be a accelerator for you fleet management and you car driving life.

》4G LTE Vehicle GPS Tracker

》GPS+BDS+AGPS+LBS location

》DC 9-75V power supply

》Cut off fuel

》SOS alarm, geo-fence alarm

》RS232/RS485 port

》Fuel Monitoring

》Support CAN/K-LINE

》Temperature monitoring

》RFID reader and iButton customizable


VT140 AIS 140 Approved GPS Tracker

VT900-G 3G GPS Tracker

VT900-L 4G GPS Tracker

VT200-L 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker

VT600 GPRS GPS Tracker

VT300-L Cheap 4G GPS Tracker

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