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Nowadays, GPS locator tracker is be applied in GPS vehicle monitoring, vehicle video terminal, 3G wireless vehicle video terminal, intelligent vehicle management system should be widely used in: logistics vehicles, school buses, buses, official cars, rental cars, taxis, passenger cars, tourism Vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles, and other mobile transportation areas, for that iStartek, could offer you bike GPS locator tracker, pet GPS locator tracker, GPS child locator tracker.

1. GPS locator tracker as far as obtaining latitude and longitude is concerned, there is no requirement for external equipment. Like the radio, it can receive the position information broadcast of the antenna GPS satellite separately, and then decode, using the difference in arrival time of the 4 satellites, calculate the latitude and longitude and height. (4 known parameters solve 3 unknown parameters).

gps locator tracker

2. Explain the AGPS. The accurate definition of AGPS is assisted GPS positioning. Everyone is often confused with base station positioning or even LBS. The AGPS is to calculate the satellite trajectory data on the server according to the approximate location of the terminal and send it to the GPS Locator Tracker to speed up the GPS device Positioning process. The premise here is that there is an approximate location. In order to obtain an approximate location, the current software design uses the location of the base station to determine an approximate location. The AGPS is just to speed up, it is not to allow devices that cannot be located to be located, and without AGPS, GPS locator tracker can locate themselves.

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3. Why do people think that mobile devices need to be connected to the Internet, but not in the car? This is a misunderstanding, which is caused by the misunderstanding of downloading maps. There is no essential difference between mobile phones and in-vehicle devices, as long as the GPS is turned on, no sim card is inserted, and even any WIFI can get latitude and longitude information. Since the online maps generally used by mobile phones need to be downloaded online and then displayed, they cannot be displayed if they are not connected to the Internet. Since the maps are built offline in the vehicle, the map can be displayed correctly without an internet connection.

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4. Accurately speaking, the positioning of car navigation is more accurate than that of mobile phones. Car GPS positioning is a GPS positioning function and a GPS chip. The mobile phone’s GPS navigation function is software positioning. The essential difference is the same as the traditional calculator and the calculator on the mobile phone. Mobile location service is also called a mobile location service. It is a value-added service that provides users with location information (longitude and latitude coordinates) of mobile terminal users through the network of Telecom mobile operators and provides corresponding services to users with the support of electronic map platforms. The general principle is that the mobile phone measures the downlink pilot signals of different base stations to obtain the downlink pilot signals of different base stations. According to the measurement results and the coordinates of the base station, a triangular formula estimation algorithm is generally used to calculate the location of the mobile phone. The actual position estimation algorithm needs to consider the positioning of multiple base stations (3 or more), so the algorithm is much more complicated. Generally speaking, the more the number of base stations measured by a mobile station, the higher the measurement accuracy, and the more obvious the improvement in positioning performance. The GPS locator tracker uses GPS including three major parts: space GPS satellite constellation, ground monitoring system, user GPS signal receiver.

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