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Now the tracker for car market competition is becoming more and more fierce. While demanding high-quality car tracker, it is also required to be cheap. After discovering this market situation, iStartek quickly developed a gps tracker for car that meets the needs of our customers with favorable prices, its our VT203 cheap gps tracker for car.

After reading above words you will be curious about VT203 gps tracker for car cheap, what is it look like, whats function it support, whats the price etc. Don’t worry, let us explain to you one by one. Firstly VT203 cheap gps tracker for car is a super mini device, size is 23mm*12.5mm*8.3mm, with easy install and hidden features, you can check photo as below:

gps tracker for car cheap

Secondly what funtion are supported by VT203 cheap gps tracker for car?

Real time tracking: after install VT203 cheap gps tracker for car inside vehicle, we can check vehicle location by sms command reply, mobile app or web based tracking platform.

Engine cut: that means we can cut off oil and electricity via VT203 gps tracker for car cheap. This function is always asked by clients, because car theft issues are happened frequently, which makes the car owner lost a lot, so they try to install VT203 cheap gps tracker for car to avoid car theft problem.

car tracker

ACC Detection: by using this features we can check vehicle ignition on or off status.

Over speed alarm: this is another important function for VT203 gps tracker for car cheap. When people use gps tracker they would like to set a preset speed value, to get notify when vehicle speed is over than preset one.

Vibration alarm: this function is used when VT203 cheap gps tracker for car in static, so when someone is moving or touch your vehicle, you will get Vibration alarm.

Thirdly you may be worry about the power supply range and battery working time of VT203 gps tracker for car cheap.

VT203 has wide range power supply from 9-90V, so you can use it with electric bikes also. And normally VT203 gps tracker for car cheap is installed in vehicle and connect with vehicle power supply, so you no need to worry it run out of battery.

If you finish reading above article still have query for our VT203 cheap gps tracker for car, please message us freely.

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