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Will XACT Expands People Tracker Tracking Market With U-Blox GPS Receiver?

U-blox, the leader in the development of advanced consumer GPS positioning and tracking technology, announced that XACT Technology’s new XACT | TRAX personal tracking devices for people products have selected u-blox’s high-performance GPS receiver modules as it’s people tracker GPS module, date in 2009-01-14.

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The XACT | TRAX gps tracker for people was exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week. This innovative people tracker product can provide users with family, pets, cars, and other valuable items tracking location information at any time, tracking people’s location by phone number. Next, the XACT | TRAX tracking product line will add tracking solutions designed for laptops. In addition to navigation functions, users can quickly find laptops when they are lost or stolen.

Nikolaos Papadopoulos, general manager of u-blox’s US subsidiary, said that XACT has the ability to develop simple, easy-to-use and affordable tracking devices to meet the needs of the mainstream market. Using u-blox’s unique positioning technology, XACT | TRAX provides the highest level of accuracy and speed. The powerful 50-channel u-blox 5 positioning engine can help XACT tracking devices to obtain accurate location information of any place in the world, providing users with unparalleled information mastery and security, if use it for people tracker that will be much helpful.

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The u-blox 5 positioning engine has a number of features that speed up the time required to acquire satellite signals and calculate the position of the location. In addition, this specially designed receiver can still operate normally in a weak signal environment, such as high-rise metropolitan areas and parking lot buildings. Therefore, even in the weakest signal environment, u-blox 5 still has the fastest time to first fix and the ability to operate effectively. you can imaging how strong what if use it for people tracker.

Anthony Antolino, senior vice president of XACT Technology, points out that XACT is committed to providing consumers with the best electronics and technology. For the positioning of valuables, we should ensure that the most advanced and reliable GPS positioning components are used in our people tracker tracking devices. u-blox GPS solutions provide accurate, reliable, and reliable information so that our products can provide services when and where consumers need them.

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Currently, there are vehicle GPS tracker provided by the u-blox solution on the market, but most of the people tracker devices provided by MTK solutions. We hope that the people tracker gps tracking device with the u-blox solution can be launched soon.

Be safe with people tracker. Even in future the 4G, 5G people tracker could be provide high technology and more user friendly and reliable functions.


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