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In the context of the information age, there are new solutions to elderly issues such as loss, trafficking, accidental drowning, etc. We provide customized GPS Tracker for elderly with smart electronic badges and smart payment cards As an entrance, it collects location information and status through triple positioning, two-way calling, remote listening, SOS one-click help, and other functions, and responds to the needs of the GPS Tracker for elderly in a timely manner. In conjunction with the remote intelligent platform / APP, a safe electronic fence is designed for GPS Tracker for the elderly.

gps tracking device for elderly

It is recommended that the tracking device for the elderly can monitor heart rate and blood pressure. GPS tracker for the elderly can be bound to a mobile phone. When the heart rate and blood pressure exceed a certain range, an alarm will be issued and location information will be sent. The family can quickly arrive at the scene to implement rescue, so that bad thing can be prevented.

 1. Make good use of GPS tracking device for elderly power-saving mode at ordinary times to improve the endurance of the positioner When you need to find a family member, switch to GPS positioning mode, which can save the trouble of daily charging and ensure that there is enough power to return the positioning when the family member is lost.

personal tracking device for elderly

 2. With the real-time positioning function, the personal tracking device for elderly finds the family’s current location In addition to grasping the position of family members in real-time, it is also possible to determine whether the family is on foot, or to take a bus or train by moving distance, and to quickly locate the direction of finding the family.

 3. Share device location, let relatives and friends join the search By sharing location links with family members, relatives and friends can simultaneously obtain the latest positioning results, with great unity and strength, and strive to find the time to return home every minute.

tracking device for elderly

The GPS tracker for elderly common problem encountered by family members of dementia in the past is that demented family members are reluctant to wear GPS locators that are too large and too heavy because of their unique fixation behavior. In the face of the care of demented family members, the loss has always been the most headache part of the family. Now, in addition to the traditional “passive prevention” method, if the family can use the active GPS locator and use technology to shorten the search time, it will effectively reduce the loss Possible dangers of family members, reduce the physical and mental burden of caring for family members.


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