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Fuel stolen issues have happened in many countries, private car, truck fuel even a public car cannot keep away, stolen by theft, by drivers… What should we do? Today I will introduce an iStartek GPS tracker fuel sensor which can solve our problems.

A GPS Tracker fuel sensor can solve you that headache thing, It can prevent gasoline theft by drivers, optimize transportation cost, the driver’s driving action and assist statistical decision, etc

There are 3 different types of fuel sensor on the market, ultrasonic fuel sensor, capacitive fuel sensor, and resistance fuel sensor.

gps tracker tk103 with fuel sensor

Ultrasonic GPS tracker fuel sensor with high precision, good long-term stability, and easy installation and maintenance features. Ultrasonic GPS tracker fuel sensor uses an ultrasonic probe to detect the oil level height and carries outsmart processing for height signal of oil quantity through a built-in program of the main body. Then sends the oil value through GPS to generate the oil level report after analysis.

Capacitive GPS tracker fuel sensor with high precision, good long-term stability features, continuous detects the height of the fuel level with less than 1mm resolution, capacitive fuel sensor can also be shorter to fit tanks with different heights and can replace the original fuel level sensor on vehicles and connects with an oil gauge.

Resistance GPS tracker fuel sensor with good long-term stability and competitive price features, continuous detects the height of the fuel level, need to measure the fuel tank size to fit it with the corresponding length.

Our vehicle tracker VT600&VT900 support these 3 types fuel sensor also directly to car original fuel level sensor, let us know more about your demands. If you want to know more information about iStartek GPS tracker fuel sensor, please contact us.

gps tracker fuel sensor

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