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How can we protect our vehicle by installing anti-jamming car GPS tracker?

With the development of science and technology, thieves are more and more advanced in stealing cars. Especially in South America, thieves will use GSM Jammer when stealing cars, in this case even if you installed GPS Tracker, they can block the signal easily without any notification. Why said like that? Because most of GPS trackers on the market do not support GSM anti-jammer function. So how to deal with anti-jamming car GPS tracker?

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Take it easy, Shenzhen Startrack Technology has a solution for you.

iStartek VT600 anti-jamming car GPS tracker is the best choice for you.

Who we are?

Shenzhen Startrack Technology is a GPS Tracker manufacturer in China since 2009, equipped with the professional R&D team, also has flexible OEM and ODM policy to offer the solution to different customers.

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How is VT600 anti-jamming car GPS tracker works?

When there is no GSM Jammer, VT600 anti-jamming car GPS tracker works the same as other trackers, it supports real-time tracking, engine cut, acc detection, fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, driver identification, etc. But if VT600 anti-jamming car GPS tracker detects GSM Jammer, VT600 anti-jamming car GPS tracker will send out an alert via SMS command or web-based tracking platform, mobile apps. And if you connect VT600 anti-jamming car GPS tracker with relay and buzzer, it notifies via a buzzer and cut off the engine.

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VT600 anti-jamming car GPS tracker detailed workflow is as follows:

1> When VT600 GPS tracker detect GSM Jammer, and Jammer continues time exceeds the Preset time, it will generate GSM Jammer alarm. GSM Jammer GPRS Alarm code is 0x57

2> After GSM Jammer alarm, OUT2 will trigger buzzer alarm (IN2 has been customized to OUT2)

3> And when GSM Jammer alarm we can set OUT1 to cut off an engine

4> Command to Enable or disable cut off an engine when detecting gsm jammer

W******,command code,Flag


Flag=1, when detecting gsm jammer, trigger out1 to cut off an engine

Flag=0, when detecting gsm jammer, OUT1 will not cut off an engine

Flag default is 0

When Out1 triggered, we can send W******, command code,0, to restore engine

5>Command to set Jamming time

W******,command code,Time


Time is in the unit of seconds, default is 0 minutes.

When VT600 anti-jamming car GPS tracker detects gsm jammer time continue more than our present time, it will send out gsm alarm.

Note: VT600 GPS tracker has specified command code for each different SMS command, to protect the privacy, we only describe it as command code here, if you are using our VT600 anti-jamming car GPS tracker, you can get full command list from us.

Firmware version: VT600_V1.73_20181126.bin

Let’s buy insurance for our vehicles, installing VT600 anti-jamming car GPS tracker on it now!

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