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Which kind of gps tracker vehicle can be used for Thailand DLT Project?

If you are looking for GPS tracker vehicle for Thailand DLT Project, it’s correct to contact us, iStartek 3G GPS tracker vehicle VT900 can meet Thailand DLT Project Perfectly.

Thailand DLT Project is a Government project to control and improve public transportation. We knew about Thailand DLT Project around April 2016, then we started collecting related information from Thailand Market, our R&D Team spent several months developing GPS tracker vehicle VT900 Ready. Around Dec 2016 we took GPS tracker vehicle VT900 to visit Thailand, on that trip we met many potential clients, now they keep ordering from us around 3000pcs VT900 monthly.


Why iStartek 3g GPS tracker vehicle VT900 is the ideal choice for Thailand DLT Project?

     1. iStatek GPS tracker vehicle VT900 has 1 RS232 Port, can connect with Magnetic Card Reader, to read three

orbital of Thailand driver’s license

3g gps tracker vehicle

     2. iStartek GPS tracker VT900 is 3G Tracker, as we know almost all 2G network was closed in Thailand,

3G is mandatory.

iStartek GPS tracker VT900 supported frequency as below:

external antenna gps tracker vehicle

Based on Thailand 3G frequency, most of our client chooses VT900 T Version, some choose VT900 E Version.

     3. iStartek GPS tracker VT900 output2 connect to the buzzer for the speeding alert.

external antenna gps tracker vehicle

     4. iStartek GPS tracker VT900 got Thailand NBTC Certificate already, this is also a mandatory requirement for

Thailand DLT Project.

Thailand NBTC Certificate gps tracker vehicle

iStartek GPS tracker VT900 can be used for Thailand DLT Project only?

No, Thailand DLT Project is one of our customized Project based on VT900. Besides that, GPS tracker vehicle VT900 can be used in all other countries if the frequency supported, such as Australia, Singapore, etc.

If there any project, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try our best to support you.

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