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Are you looking for gps tracker with rfid reader?

Who we are? Startrack Technology Co., Limited founded in 2009, dedicates to bringing reliable IoT products, such as GPS tracker with RFID reader and customized solutions to clients across the world, based on GPS Tracking/monitoring, fleet management, and 4G wireless internet accessing.

iStartek VT900 3G GPS tracker with RFID reader can be used for driver identification purpose, please check below the photo.

gps tracker with rfid readercar gps tracker with rfid reader

VT900 GPS tracker with RFID reader can be used as below condition:

1. To limit who can use the car, you can set a maximum of 100 authorized ID card.

After set authorized ID card number, only the authorized ID Card can use the car; otherwise, without swiping authorized card after ignition on in 3 sec, the vehicle will engine cut.

2. To check which driver is using the car, no authorized/ unauthorized ID card limitation.

When the driver uses the car, they swipe ID Card, the tracker will send the ID Card number to tracking platform, then you can match ID Card number with each driver accordingly.

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