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VT900 speed limit gps tracker

iStartek multifunctional 3G VT900 speed limit GPS tracker was researched in 2016, designed for cars and trucks monitoring and management.

With a mature team which dedicated to design, develop and research high-performance GPS trackers, 3G VT900 speed limit GPS tracker has been added more and more additional functions. Today, August 21, 2018, a standard package VT900 can support many special functions, such as Direction Change alarm, External Battery Low/cut Alarm, Harsh Decelerate/Accelerate Alarm, Speeding alarm, GPS Entering/Exiting Blind Alarm and so on.

speed limit gps tracker

iStartek 3G VT900 speed limit GPS tracker has a speed limit function, which can make your cars safer when driving. when the car over the pre-set speed, an alarm will be sent to the authorized phone number immediately, then the owner of this car will be able to notify the driver, in case of the driver is being drunk and delirious. The protection of your car from being damaged is easy, when the car is over speeding and the driver ignores your warning, just send a person to catch and take measures to carry the car back. About the punishment to the driver, we don’t care about it. We think every driver need a speed limit of gps tracker to make life easier.

Actually these days we have added alcohol sensor as an accessory of VT900, with this accessory, you will get the alarm earlier than speeding alarm. Alcohol sensor can detect the concentration in the driving cab, if there is a heavy concentration of alcohol, one alarm will be sent at the first time. In conclusion, with this alcohol sensor, you will get the alarm in time, instead of being warned when the car is over speeding, it’s too late.

car speed limiter gps tracker

Finally, iStartek was established in 2009, in these years, what we remind ourselves at any time is we need to pay attention to customers’ requirements and market changes. Every OEM and ODM request is accepted here, and as long as it meets to our conditions, it will become truth before the appointed time. So welcome to buy iStartek VT900 speed limit GPS tracker.

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